Common Pitfalls When Presenting


  • Take several deep breaths before you start speaking
  • Make it a rule not to read from your notes or from your PowerPoint slides but to talk directly to your audience
  • Maintain eye contact with the audience (or camera if it’s a webcast only program) and speak in a conversational style
  • Don’t be afraid to use humour when appropriate
  • Engage your audience by making your presentation interactive through questions or polling
  • Know your audience and make sure that your presentation is practical and relevant to them
  • Use practical illustrations but avoid war stories
  • Practise in advance to ensure that your presentation fits within your allotted time
  • If you’re participating in a panel, pay attention while your fellow panelists make their presentations 
  • After the program, watch your presentation on the archived webcast to find out how you can improve your public speaking skills