I forgot my username and/or password

When you first applied to the Licensing Process, you were sent an e-mail titled "Your Licensing Process Account" with your username and temporary password that you likely changed. Your current password cannot be retrieved, it can only be reset.

The username that was assigned to you cannot be changed. Your username will contain the first initial of your legal first name, the next 5 characters of your legal last name and then 2 numbers. For example, John Smithers would have a username of either jsmith01, or jsmith02, or jsmith03, etc. Kimberley Lee would have a username of either klee01, or klee02, or klee03, etc.

Reset your password

Once you update your temporary password please store it, along with your username, in a secure place that is easy to reference.

Your username and password provides access to:

  • your Licensing Process e-mail account
  • your Online Account

If you require further assistance, please email techsupport at licensingprocess@lso.ca