TAG - The Action Group on Access to Justice

TAG The Action Group LogoTAG – The Action Group on Access to Justice is a community of people and institutions committed to working collaboratively to find new solutions to access to justice challenges. 

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TAG was launched in June 2014 with an initial list of almost 200 individual and organizational participants. The TAG community is currently developing a common agenda, a framework for collaboration and shared mechanisms to measure success. TAG will continue to move forward with support from the Law Foundation of Ontario and with the Law Society of Upper Canada acting as a catalyst organization. Please contact TAG at tag@theactiongroup.ca

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In February 2014, Convocation (the Law Society's board of directors) approved a new framework that will enable the Law Society to take on an enhanced role in facilitating access to justice and move forward with a more strategic and holistic approach.

There are two key, complementary, components to the framework:

  • The Law Society will develop focused internal resources to fully integrate access to justice objectives, including equity principles, into the Law Society's core business functions: professional regulation and professional development and competence.
  • The Treasurer's Advisory Group on Access to Justice will be reconstituted as a standing forum called The Action Group on Access to Justice. The purpose of the forum will be to foster change and collaboration and the Law Society will help ensure its success with dedicated support.