October 2001

October 25, 2001

Law Society Member Fees Drop in 2002...
Today Convocation approved the Law Society's Budget for 2002. Among the highlights are: a reduction in member fees for 2002 and the Law Society's focus on continuing to improve its regulatory function, and implement its competence mandate.

For more detailed information refer to the news release ( English / French ) and fact sheet ( English / French ).

By-law 11 and By-law 12 to be Amended...
Convocation approved a series of proposed amendments to By-laws 11 and 12 to reflect the new model of the Bar Admission Course (BAC) and to bring the By-laws into conformity with current practice. The amendments to the by-laws will be drafted and brought before Convocation for approval.

Summary of major changes:

  • Transfer candidates - By-law 11 will be amended to include a 3 year time limit during which transfer candidates who have completed transfer requirements must apply to be called to the Bar.
  • Registration time limit - A limit of two years for the length of time a student may be registered in the BAC without completing the course will be added to By-law 12. Students whose registration has expired will be able to reapply for admission.
  • BAC credit time limit - A time limit for BAC credits will also be added to By-law 12. In the case of a student who passes part of the BAC but does not proceed to be called to the Bar, the credits earned by the student will expire after 3 years. The Director of Education will have the discretion to extend this time limit.
  • Withdrawal from BAC - A provision to allow students to withdraw from the BAC when personal circumstances require will be added to By-law 12.

Convocation approved the Bar Admission Course reform on March 26, 1999 for implementation in May 2001.

Admissions Committee Report

Access to Justice Committee Mandate Set
The new Access to Justice Committee will be responsible for developing for Convocation's approval, policy options for promoting access to justice throughout Ontario. Convocation will amend by-law 9 to include the mandate.

Access to Justice Report

Members Annual Report Approved - By-law 17 amended
Convocation approved the Members Annual Report. By-law 17 - Filing Requirements was amended to include the new version of the MAR.

Members Annual Report as Approved by Convocation