May 2002

May 23, 2002

Law Society to obtain legal opinion on proposed conduct rule for lawyers
The Law Society of Upper Canada's governing body decided to obtain legal opinion on a proposed rule that outlines how lawyers should deal with property relevant to a crime. The proposed rule and the legal opinion will be debated at a future Convocation.

Special Committee on Lawyer's Duties with Respect to Property Relevant to a Crime or Offence Report

Another step towards greater mobility: Federation's mobility report approved
Convocation approved the Federation of Law Societies Inter-Jurisdictional Mobility Task Force's report: A Framework for National Mobility. The report contains the Task Force's recommendations for enhancing mobility among lawyers called to the bars of Canadian provinces and territories.

Provincial and territorial law societies are being provided with the report so that each has an opportunity to consider the recommendations and, if appropriate, approve them. The report and recommendations will then be considered and voted upon by delegates to the Federation of Law Societies' annual meeting in Niagara-on-the-Lake in August 2002.

Inter-Jurisdictional Mobility Committee Report

Members are encouraged to read the report. Written comments are welcome and should be addressed to:

Sophia Sperdakos
Policy Advisor
Policy Secretariat
130 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2N6

Treasurer Acclaimed for Second Term
Professor Vern Krishna, Treasurer of the Law Society of Upper Canada, was acclaimed for a second one-year term.

Jean Teillet first recipient of Lincoln Alexander Award
Jean Teillet was named as recipient of the first Lincoln Alexander Award. Ms. Teillet will receive the honour at an awards ceremony to be held in conjunction with the Law Society Medals Dinner on the evening of June 6, 2002. The Lincoln Alexander Award is given to a member of the profession for demonstration of longstanding interest and commitment to matters public and to the pursuit of community service on behalf of the residents of Ontario.

Law Society to offer support and participation to U of T in review of accessibility issues resulting from tuition fee increases
Out of concern for the potential impacts of increasing tuition fees on the accessibility of legal education, the Law Society will offer its support of, and participation in, the Accessibility and Career Choice Review which is to be conducted by the Provost's office at the University of Toronto.

Equity & Aboriginal Issues Committee Report

Appointment to Federation's Board of Directors
George Hunter was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada.

Operating reserve policy adopted
A policy that the Law Society maintain an operating reserve balance sufficient to provide for the Society's operating expenses for two months was approved by Convocation.

Finance & Audit Committee Report

New auditor appointed
Convocation has approved the appointment of Deloitte & Touche LLP as the Law Society's auditor for the year ending December 31, 2002.

Finance & Audit Committee Report

LibraryCo Inc. Business Plan
Convocation approved the 2002 Business Plan for LibraryCo Inc.. Convocation recommended that LibraryCo Inc. give some priority to developing a transition plan that will assist members in obtaining access to the smaller local libraries as they move from paper based to electronic formats. Convocation also recommended that LibraryCo Inc. return to the Finance and Audit Committee after it has reconsidered levels of funding for staffing in small local libraries.

Finance & Audit Committee Report

Subrule 6.07 (2) and (3) of the Rules of Professional Conduct amended
Applications made under rule 6.07 - Preventing Unauthorized Practice will now be processed by a committee of Convocation. Formerly, applications were processed by Convocation or a committee of Convocation. The changes were made to streamline the procedure.

The committee will be responsible for deciding all applications of lawyers who wish to retain, occupy office space with, use the services of, partner or associate with, or employ in any capacity having to do with the practice of law any person who, in Ontario or elsewhere, has been disbarred and struck off the Rolls, suspended, undertaken not to practise, or who has been involved in disciplinary action and been permitted to resign, and has not been reinstated or readmitted.

Professional Regulation Committee Report

All other matters for decision were deferred to a future Convocation.

Agenda and Minutes