April 2002

April 25, 2002

New appointment to Lawyers Fund for Client Compensation subcommittee
Gillian Diamond was appointed as a member of the Review Subcommittee of the Lawyers Fund for Client Compensation Committee.

Continuum of Legal Education Task Force receives approval to consult on its draft report
Convocation gave the go ahead to the Law Society Task Force on The Continuum of Legal Education to seek input from lawyers, legal organizations, law schools, students and BAC staff and faculty on the direction set out in its report. Consultations will take place in the coming months.

Task Force on the Continuum of Legal Education Report

Law Society's financial statements for year end approved
Convocation approved the audited financial statements for the General Fund and the Lawyers Fund for Client Compensation for the year ended December 31, 2001. Convocation also approved the combined audited annual financial statements for the Errors and Omissions Insurance Fund for the year ended December 31, 2001. These statements will be tabled as part of the Annual Report which will be presented to members at the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, May 8.

Finance and Audit Committee Report

Confidentiality of practice review process amended
Convocation re-examined and amended policies about the confidentiality of practice review as recommended by the Professional Development and Competence Committee.

Professional Development and Competence Committee Report

By-Law 12 - Bar Admission Course - amended
By-Law 12 was amended to bring the by-law into conformity with the current Bar Admission Course model and with current policies and procedures. The amendments were previously approved by Convocation in principle in May and October 2001.

Admissions Committee Report

Equity Advisory Group's terms of reference amended
Convocation approved some amendments to the Equity Advisory Group's terms of reference.

Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee Report

Proposed New Commentary to Rules of Professional Conduct referred back to Committee
Proposed new commentary to Rule 2.04(6) of the Rules of Professional Conduct was referred back to Committee for further consideration.

Professional Regulation Committee Report

Agenda and Minutes