February 2003

February 27, 2003

Discontinuance of matching program approved

Convocation voted in favour of discontinuing the 'matching program' currently used in the recruitment of articling students, primarily in Toronto. At the same time, it approved draft Articling Procedures for recruiting students for the 2004-2005 articling term.

In recent years the number of firms using the matching program has been steadily declining rendering it increasingly less effective as a component of articling recruitment.

Professional Development, Competence & Admissions Committee Report

Convocation appoints scrutineers and stand-by staff scrutineers

Nine members of the Law Society of Upper Canada have been appointed as scrutineers for the 2003 Bencher Election by Convocation.
The Scrutineers are: A. Larry Birnbaum, Nathalie Boutet, M. Larry Calzavara, Marvin Huberman, Kathleen N. Lickers, Alison MacKay, Louis Radomsky, Roger Rowe and Elizabeth Anne Silcox.

Stand-by staff scrutineers will be: Julia Bass, Dulce Mitchell, Elliot Spears, Sophia Sperdakos and James Varro.

Avvy Go appointed to task force

Convocation has appointed Avvy Go to the Toronto Election Finance Review Task Force.

The Task Force has been set up by the City of Toronto to examine all aspects of municipal election campaign financing and to make recommendations to City Council on legislative amendments and process improvements that will enhance the public accountability of candidate financial disclosure.

The 15 member task force is made up of city council members and representatives of stakeholder groups. Ms Go will be the representative of the legal community.