September 2003

September 25, 2003

Cynthia Petersen appointed Discrimination and Harassment Counsel
Convocation appointed Cynthia Petersen as the Discrimination and Harassment Counsel (DHC), as part of the Society's ongoing efforts to enable equity and diversity in the workplace and the profession, and to help stop discrimination and harassment.

News Release

Member's Annual Report improved for 2003
The 2003 Member's Annual Report (MAR) will be easier to use thanks to changes approved at this month's Convocation. Schedules to the form have now been incorporated in the form, making it easier for members to complete and for staff to process. Similar improvements are planned for the electronic version of the form.

Professional Regulation Report

Convocation made a number of appointments at its September meeting:

  • Michelle Strom was appointed to the Government Relations & Public Affairs Committee
  • Laurie Pattillo and Ross Murray were appointed to the Ontario Bar Association Council
  • Laurie Pattillo was also appointed as the Law Society's representative to the LINK Board of Directors
  • Gary Gottlieb was appointed to the Ontario Bar Assistance Program Board of Directors
  • Gordon Bobesich was appointed the Law Society's representative on the Canadian National Exhibition Association

Task Force to review Judges Technology Advisory Committee discussion paper
Gavin MacKenzie will chair a Task Force formed to review a discussion paper on Open Courts, Electronic Access to Court Records, and Privacy. The paper was prepared on behalf of the Judges Technology Advisory Committee for the Canadian Judicial Council. The Task Force will review the paper and prepare submissions on behalf of the Law Society for Convocation's consideration. Benchers Carole Curtis, Alan Gold, Dr. Allan Gotlib and Robert Martin were all appointed to the Task Force.


10-Year Rule to be deleted from By-Law 12
By-Law 12 - Bar Admission Course (BAC) will be amended to delete the "10-year" rule. Currently, section 3 of the By-Law requires that if, at the time a person applies for admission to the BAC, ten or more years have elapsed since he or she graduated from law school, the applicant may have to complete further studies before being admitted. Convocation agreed with the Professional Development, Competence & Admissions Committee's (PDC&A) assessment that the provision serves no competence related purpose. The PDC&A Committee will return to Convocation with the proposed by-law amendments.

Professional Development, Competence & Admissions Committee Report

Pilot Project to interview senior former Treasurers to go ahead
The Law Society Heritage committee is moving forward with a pilot project to conduct in-depth interviews with senior former Treasurers. The project will build on work done by the Osgoode Society's oral history project and will include a video and document component.

Heritage Committee Report

LawPRO holds line on insurance premiums
Lawyers will be paying a base premium of $2,500 per lawyer for their professional liability insurance coverage in 2004, with some lawyers paying as little as $1,113. LawPRO also announced a number of modifications to the coverage provided under the insurance policy.

News Release

By-laws 13, 16 and 33 amended
Convocation amended the French versions of By-laws 13, 16 and 33 at today's meeting. The amendments reflect changes made to the English versions of the By-Laws last June.

Motion to amend by-laws

Agenda + Minutes