March 2004

March 25, 2004

Rules of Professional Conduct revised re: lawyer's role in corporate governance
Convocation approved amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct arising from a review of the lawyer's role in corporate governance.

The amendments include:

  • New rules on a lawyer's obligation to report organizational misconduct "up the ladder" within the organization
  • New commentary to rule 2.04 on conflicts of interest arising from the lawyer's roles as counsel for and director of an organizational client
  • Amendments to rule 2.04 commentary and rule 2.06 on equity interests in corporate clients.

Professional Regulation Report
Memorandum- Re: Amendments to Rule 2.06(2.1)

Factors leading to practice review clarified - By-law 24 amended
By-law 24 was amended to include the circumstances that could constitute reasonable grounds to conduct a practice review. A guide discussing the considerations leading to a practice review will be made available to members.

Professional Development, Competence & Admissions Committee

Discrimination and Harassment Counsel mandate expanded

The mandate of the Discrimination and Harassment Counsel (DHC) was expanded so the DHC may now provide advice to members who believe that they have been the subject of discrimination and/or harassment in the workplace by a non-member of the Law Society.

Equity and Aboriginal Issues Report - March 25

By-law 36 - Discrimination and Harassment Counsel amended
By-law 36 (Discrimination and Harassment Counsel) was amended to reflect recommendations adopted at the November 27, 2003 Convocation to create the Alternate Discrimination and Harassment Counsel position. The amendments describe the function of the Alternate DHC, the duty of confidentiality of the Alternate DHC and the appointment process for the position.

Equity and Aboriginal Issues Report - March 25
Equity and Aboriginal Issues Report - November 27

By-laws 2 and 9 amended
By-law 2 (General) was amended to provide indemnification to benchers and officers of the Society.

By-law 9 (Committees) was amended to include the mandate of the Litigation Committee.

Litigation Committee Report

Diana Miles was reappointed to the Ontario Bar Assistance Program Board of Directors for a term of one year expiring March 2005.


Agenda + Minutes


Reports for Information Only

    • Report on the Law Society Support of the University of Toronto Panel on Rights of Victims of Torture
  • Litigation Committee
    • Supreme Court of Canada Decision in CCH Ltd. v. Law Society of Upper Canada