May 2004

May 28, 2004

Treasurer acclaimed for second term
Frank Marrocco, Q.C., Treasurer of the Law Society of Upper Canada, was acclaimed for a second one-year term.

New Bencher elected
Convocation began with the election of new bencher Mark J. Sandler. Mr. Sandler was elected to fill the vacancy left by Earl Cherniak's election as regional bencher.

Mr. Cherniak, Q.C., was elected by Convocation as regional bencher for the City of Toronto to fill the vacancy left by Todd Ducharme's appointment as a judge of the Superior Court of Justice.

Members to vote on Bencher Compensation
Convocation voted to hold a referendum asking members to decide whether or not benchers should be compensated for work done for the Law Society. The decision to hold the referendum was made after benchers agreed on a compensation scheme. Under the model, benchers would receive no remuneration for the first 26 days of bencher work. They would receive $500.00 per day, thereafter.

Referendum materials:
  • Notice to Profession
  • Background information
  • Preview of referendum question

Rules of Professional Conduct amended re: law firm names and letterhead
Ontario law firm names may now include descriptive and trade names and the names of lawyers qualified in non-Canadian jurisdictions under amended rule 3.02 of the Rules of Professional Conduct . Amendments to rule 3.03 permit Ontario lawyers to use designations arising from membership in a non-Canadian bar on letterhead provided that lawyers also use the designation for the practice of law in Ontario. Further changes allow lawyers to include advertising permitted under rule 3.04 on letterhead.

Along with the rule changes, Convocation also approved criteria for use by Law Society staff when providing pre-approval guidance to members on their proposed firm names under the amended rules.

Professional Regulation Committee Report

Law Society adopts model policy: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity - Creating an Inclusive Work Environment
The Law Society has developed a model policy to act as a guide for law firms and other organizations to promote equality rights in the social culture of the firm and in the provision of employment and pension benefits for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and Two-Spirited individuals. The model policy can be used by law firms of all sizes, legal clinics and other organizations.

The Law Society has produced several model polices to assist in the development of policies and programs aimed at promoting equity and diversity in all aspects of the legal profession. The model policies are available on the Society's Equity and Diversity web page .

Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee Report - including Model Policy


Agenda + Minutes


Reports forInformation Only

  • Lawyers Fund for Client Compensation Committee
  • Task Force on Paralegal Regulation