June 2004

June 24, 2004

Convocation Allocates Costs
for Bencher Remuneration Referendum

Convocation approved the allocation of up to $120,000 from the 2004 Contingency Fund to cover the costs of a forthcoming referendum on Bencher remuneration.

In May 2004, Convocation approved a mechanism for Bencher remuneration that will not be implemented until approved in a general referendum of the membership.
Bencher Remuneration Proposal
Finance Committee Report

Law Society Committee Consults Widely with Profession in Developing Competencies for New Licensing Program
The Professional Development, Competence & Admissions Committee has consulted widely with the profession to develop competencies that will form a critical part of the new licensing program to begin in 2006. Over the past six months, more than 587 lawyers in Ontario have had some input into this process. The competencies are identified in a report the committee presented to June Convocation for information only.
Committee Report for Information

Convocation Approves By-Law Amendments
Convocation approved amendments to By-Law 33 (Inter-Provincial Practice of Law)


  • Mary Louise Dickson, appointed Summary Disposition Bencher
  • Carole Curtis, appointed Chair of the Professional Regulation Committee
  • Laurence Pattillo and Mary Louise Dickson, appointed Vice-Chairs of the Professional Regulation Committee
  • Alan Gold, appointed to the Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee
  • Marion Boyd, re-appointed to the Ontario Justice Education Network
  • Gerald Swaye, appointed a director to the LibraryCo board
  • Gordon Bobesich, re-appointed as Law Society's representative to the anadian National Exhibition Association
  • Gary Gottlieb, re-appointed to the Ontario Bar Assistance Program Board of Directors
  • Laurence Pattillo appointed to the Proceedings Authorization Committee
  • James Caskey appointed to the Federal Judicial Advisory Committee for Ontario (Ontario South and West)
  • Bonnie Warkentin appointed to the Federal Judicial Advisory Committee for Ontario (Ontario East and North)
  • Julian Porter reappointed to the Federal Judicial Advisory Committee for Ontario (Metro Toronto Region)


Agenda + Minutes


Reports for Information Only