November 2004

November 25, 2004


Convocation approved several appointments.

Alan Gold was appointed to the Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee as the Law Society's representative for a term of three years.

Thomas Heintzman was appointed as an Alternate Summary Disposition Bencher to replace Carole Curtis.

Vern Krishna was appointed Vice-Chair of Inter-Jurisdictional Mobility Committee. John Campion, Constance Backhouse and Laurie Pawlitza were appointed as members of this committee.

Governance Task Force

Convocation approved the terms of reference for the Governance Task Force as recommended in the Task Force's report. In September Convocation recognized the merits of conducting a review of governance issues and determining ways to enhance the effectiveness of the Law Society's corporate governance. Report to Convocation: Terms of Reference

Tribunals process

The terms of reference for the Tribunals Task Force were approved. As stated in the terms of reference , the tribunals process is an integral part of the Law Society's regulatory mandate. The Task Force will examine the Law Society's tribunals process and procedures, from Proceedings Authorization Committee authorization to the release of orders and decisions, including an examination of the hearings, appeals, decision-making and the decision release process.

Convocation also agreed to the creation of a separate Investigations Task Force.


Agenda + Minutes


  • Professional Regulation Committee Report

    • Proposed Commentary to Rule 2.04(6) on Joint Retainers for Spousal or Partner Wills

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      • Quarterly Report from the Professional Regulation Division