December 2005

Law Society of Upper Canada Announcement Re: Treasurer

Law Society to develop resources designed to increase access to the legal profession for law students and lawyers with disabilities
The Law Society is set to develop a mentoring and peer support program, online resources and a series of other initiatives to increase access to the legal profession for law students and lawyers with disabilities. In support of its mandate, the Law Society works to advance the goals of equity and diversity within the legal profession.

Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee Report

New by-law requires members to report criminal and other charges to the Law Society
Convocation adopted By-Law 20 (Reporting Requirements), which requires members and student members to report to the Law Society indictable charges under the Criminal Code and charges under other federal and provincial laws that allege dishonesty or relate to the member's practice of law or the student's conduct. The requirement will provide information to permit the Law Society to respond, if appropriate, to ensure that the public interest is protected. By-Law 20 (Review of Complaints) was revoked.

Professional Regulation Committee Report

Benchers Beth Symes and Marshall Crowe were appointed Vice-Chairs of the Finance & Audit Committee.

The Governance Task Force and the Tribunal Committee reports were deferred.


Agenda and Minutes


Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee

  • Students and Lawyers with Disabilities - Increasing Access to the Legal Profession

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  • Equity Public Education Events Schedule - 2005/2006


Governance Task Force

Professional Regulation Committee

  • Proposal for a Member's Report to the Law Society of Criminal and Other Charges
  • Criteria With Respect to Members' Conduct Eligible for the New Regulatory Meeting

Tribunals Committee

  • Proposed Amendment to By-Law 9: Committee Mandate

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  • Committee's Priorities

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