February 2006

Gavin MacKenzie elected Treasurer of the Law Society of Upper Canada
Lawyer Gavin MacKenzie was elected to lead the Law Society of Upper Canada as its Treasurer.

New benchers elected
New benchers, Paul J. Henderson and Janet E. Minor, were elected by Convocation.

Mr. Henderson, from the Central West electoral region, was elected to fill the vacancy created by Peter Bourque's appointment as a judge of the Ontario Court of Justice.

Ms. Minor, from the City of Toronto region, was elected to fill the vacancy created by Gavin MacKenzie's election as Treasurer.

By-Law 4 (Office of Secretary) amended
By-Law 4 (Office of Secretary) was amended to change the Secretary's delegate for certain functions under the By-Law from Senior Counsel, Discipline to Professional Regulation Counsel.

Professional Regulation Committee report

Rules of Professional Conduct to be amended
Convocation approved amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct to include the member's reporting obligations in By-Law 20 (Reporting Requirements). By-Law 20, adopted in December 2005, requires members and student members to report to the Law Society criminal and other charges and the disposition of those charges. The Professional Regulation Committee will present a draft rule to Convocation for its approval at a future date.

Professional Regulation Committee report

The Governance Task Force Report was discussed and will return to Convocation at a later date.


Agenda and Minutes


Governance Task Force

Professional Regulation Committee

  • Amendments to By-Law 4
  • Member Report of Criminal and Related Charges in the Rules of Professional Conduct

    For Information
  • Professional Regulation Division Quarterly Report

Reports for Information Only

Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee

  • Report on the Activities of the Discrimination and Harassment Counsel - 2005
  • Aboriginal Initiatives Operational Review 2005
  • Public Education Series - 2006

Finance & Audit Committee

  • Law Society Member Directory

Government Relations Committee

  • Legal Aid Ontario Board appointments

Institute on Governance Report

Lawyers Fund for Client Compensation

  • Appointment to the Review Sub-Committee
  • Spot and Focused Audit Program
  • Per Claimant Limit
  • Referee Panel
  • Fund Status
  • Grants Paid by the Fund