June 2006

Law Society to expand Practice Review Program
The Law Society is set to expand its practice review program to include a practice management review component. Reflecting the Society's emphasis on quality assurance in service of the public interest, the new program will be proactive and preventive - designed to support the goals of Law Society members to be efficient, effective and competent. Members one to eight years from the call to the bar and in private practice will be eligible for participation.

Professional Development, Competence and Admissions Committee Report  

Competence and capacity hearings to be held in public to enhance regulatory transparency
To further enhance the transparency of its regulatory processes, the Law Society will now hold competence and capacity hearings in public. As with conduct hearings, hearing panels will have the discretion to determine whether some or all of the hearing should be held in absence of the public.

Other policies applicable to conduct hearings will also apply to competence and capacity hearings. Conduct hearings are held in public with few exceptions and the schedule of upcoming hearings and the results of the hearings are published.

The Rules of Practice and Procedure are to be amended to reflect the new policies.

Professional Development, Competence and Admissions Committee Report
Professional Regulation Committee Report  

Honourary Doctorates to be awarded
The Law Society has announced the recipients of the Honourary degree of Doctor of Laws (LLD) to be awarded during the Call to the Bar Ceremonies to be held in July.

The recipients will be:
Dr. Emily Carasco LL.B., LL.M., S.J.D. - Windsor
Ed Ratushny C.M., Q.C., S.J.D. - Ottawa
Diana Margaret Majury - Toronto
The Honourable Patrick J. Lesage, Q.C.- Toronto
Clayton Ruby, C.M.- Toronto

Honourary Doctorates of Laws are presented to individuals who have shown themselves to be role models because of their high standards, dedication and outstanding contribution to society.

New 'Emeritus' membership status permits retired lawyers to provide pro bono legal services without paying the annual fee
As a means to increase access to justice, Convocation approved in principle a new membership category - Emeritus lawyer. The new category will permit retired lawyers to provide legal services pro bono (without charge) through Pro Bono Law Ontario (PBLO) without paying the Law Society annual fee. Convocation also approved regulatory requirements for the new membership category and agreed to review it three years after implementation.

Professional Regulation Committee Report  

Territorial Mobility Agreement approved
Convocation approved the Territorial Mobility Agreement and authorized the Law Society to become a signatory to the agreement. The Territorial Mobility Agreement addresses the unique concerns of the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut and is an important step in the ongoing progress of national mobility. The Inter-Jurisdictional Mobility Committee will return to Convocation with by-law amendments to implement the terms of the agreement.

Inter-Jurisdictional Mobility Committee Report  

Retired members acting as estate trustees to be exempt from payment of annual fee
Members who retire from the practice of law and continue to act as estate trustees are to be exempt from paying the Law Society's annual fee. These members must declare the trusteeships and will continue to be subject to audit and the requirement to file the Member's Annual Report. Members who enter a non-practising status and continue to act as estate trustees will also be subject to these regulatory requirements.

Professional Regulation Committee Report  

By-Law 5- Election of Benchers to be amended
Convocation approved a number of recommendations regarding the conduct of the bencher election and provisions of By-Law 5. Recommendations include permitting internet voting. The amended By-Law, reflecting the recommendations, will return to Convocation for approval.

Conduct of the Bencher Election and the Provisions of By-law 5 - Report  

Alan Gold was appointed Chair of the Appeal Panel effective August 18, 2006.


The Finance and Audit Committee report, the Equity and Aboriginal Committee report and the Tribunals Committee report were not reached.




By-law 5 - 2007 Bencher election issues  

CEO's Report (in camera) - Report Released  

Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee  

Finance & Audit Committee  

  • J.S. Denison Fund application (in camera)
  • Amendment to Bencher Remuneration Guidelines

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  • Amendment to Business Conduct Policy
  • First quarter financial statements
  • First quarter investment compliance reports
  • Pension fund
  • Additional meeting regarding 2007 budget scenarios
  • Practice & operational reviews

Independence of the Bar Task Force  

  • LFO grant application for publication

Inter-Jurisdictional Mobility Committee  

  • Proposed approval of Territorial Mobility Agreement

Professional Development, Competence & Admissions Committee  

  • Proposed Integrated Practice Review Program
  • Proposed changes to policy requiring Competence & Capacity Proceedings to be held in the absence of the public

Professional Regulation Committee  

  • Proposed changes to policy requiring Competence and Capacity Proceedings to be held in the absence of the public
  • "Emeritus" membership status for retired lawyers providing pro bono legal services through Pro Bono Law Ontario
  • Retired lawyers as estate trustees

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  • Professional Regulation Committee Quarterly (January to March 2006)

Tribunals Committee  

  • Guidelines for Adjudicators Respecting Oral/Written Reasons for Decision

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  • Tribunals Office statistics
  • Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators (SOAR) training

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