October 2006

2007 Budget approved
 Law Society fee increase necessary to support regulatory mandate
Convocation approved its 2007 budget with a six per cent increase in lawyers' annual fees to invest in critical enhancements to its regulatory programs. The 2007 fee for a practising lawyer will increase by $92 to $1,601, offset by LAWPRO's base insurance premium decrease of $100.

Paralegal Standing Committee Appointments
Convocation appointed seven benchers to the new Paralegal Standing Committee: two non-lawyer benchers and five elected benchers (lawyers). A third non-lawyer bencher will be appointed at a future Convocation. The Committee will also include five paralegal members to be appointed by the Attorney General. Two of the appointed paralegals will become benchers of the Law Society.


Consultations on establishment of Law Commission of Ontario to continue
Convocation expressed support for a Law Commission of Ontario and voted to continue consultations with the Attorney General regarding the terms of the Commission's establishment.

Government Relations and Public Affairs Committee report  

Law Society to send out letters of intervention regarding human rights violations that target lawyers
The Law Society will send letters to a number of organizations as interventions in cases of human rights violations that target lawyers.

The letters are to be sent based on recommendations from the Law Society's Human Rights Monitoring Group, which monitors and recommends responses to human rights violations that target members of the profession and the judiciary as a result of the discharge of their professional duties.

The Law Society established the Human Rights Monitoring Group in March 2006.

Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee Report  

Rules of Professional Conduct amended
Rules 1.02 and 3.02(4) of the Rules of Professional Conduct were amended to clarify the meaning of 'associate' and 'associates' and to clarify how the terms are to be used in law firm names. Rule 3.03(1) was amended to permit law firms to include names of retired and deceased members of the firm, identified as such, on their letterhead. These amendments were approved in principle at September's Convocation.

Professional Regulation Committee report - October  

Professional Regulation Committee report - September  

Adjudicator Code of Conduct Approved
An Adjudicator Code of Conduct developed by the Tribunals Committee was approved by Convocation to act as a guide for benchers sitting on Law Society Hearing and Appeals panels. The Code will also act as a reference for members of the profession presiding over French language hearings.

Tribunals Committee report

Bencher Election 2007
The report on Bencher Election 2007, which included recommendations regarding the Law Society's involvement in candidate communication with members, was referred to the Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee.

Bencher Election 2007 report  

Mark Sandler was appointed Vice-Chair of the Hearing Panel effective October 26, 2006.

Appointment of Vice-Chair of the Hearing Panel  

By-Laws 5 and 24 amended
In June 2006, Convocation approved the introduction of a practice management review program to begin in 2007. By-Law 24 was amended to reflect Convocation's approval of the criteria upon which a member may be selected to participate in a practice management review.

Section 18 of By-Law 5 was amended by adding "other than a temporary member/qui ne sont pas membres temporaries" after "members/membres."

Professional Development, Competence and Admissions Committee report  

Motion - Amendment to By-Law 5  

Motion to amend By-Law 6
The Motion to amend By-Law 6 respecting the election of the Treasurer was referred to the Governance Task Force.

Governance Task Force Report
The Governance Task Force report was deferred to a future Convocation.


Agenda and Minutes


Bencher Election 2007  

Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee / Comit sur l'quit et les affaires autochtones Report  

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  • Amendment to By-Law 24 Respecting Practice Review

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  • Director's Quarterly Benchmark Report
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Professional Regulation Committee  

  • Amendment to Rules 1.02, 3.02(4), 3.03(1) and 6.01(3) of the Rules of Professional Conduct

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  • Review of Proposed Residential Real Estate Transaction Guidelines and Amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct

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