November 9, 2006

Special Convocation -- November 9, 2006

Law Society to participate in creation of new Law Commission of Ontario
The Law Society will participate with the Attorney General and other partners in the creation of a new Law Commission of Ontario based on a proposal unveiled by the Attorney General earlier this year. Convocation voted to support the new Law Commission at a special meeting on November 9.

The work of the Law Commission will advance legal research, increase knowledge of the administration of justice in the province, and examine ways to enhance access to justice.

The proposed model for the Commission involves a partnership between the Law Society, the Ontario government, the Law Foundation of Ontario (LFO), Osgoode Hall Law School and other Ontario law schools. Under the proposed governance structure, the Law Society will hold one seat on the Commission's governing board and one seat on the Advisory Board that will advise on research projects.

The LFO previously approved a grant application for the Commission. The Law Society will continue negotiations with all parties according to the terms set out in the application.

Government Relations Committee Report

Bencher Thomas Heintzman was appointed to the Proceedings Authorization Committee and Vice-Chair of the Professional Regulation Committee.

Bencher Earl Cherniak was appointed Chair of the Proceedings Authorization Committee and bencher Beth Symes was appointed Vice-Chair of the Proceedings Authorization Committee.