November 23, 2006

New paralegal benchers welcomed
The Treasurer and Convocation welcomed new paralegal benchers Paul Dray and Brian Lawrie. Mr. Dray and Mr. Lawrie were recently appointed benchers and appointed to the newly created Paralegal Standing Committee by Attorney General Michael Bryant. Mr. Dray is a former lay bencher of the Law Society.

New bencher elected
Convocation began with the election of new Bencher Avvy Go.

Ms. Go was elected from the City of Toronto electoral region to fill a vacancy created by Laurence Pattillo's appointment as judge of the Superior Court of Justice.


Paralegal Standing Committee established
The Paralegal Standing Committee was established with Convocation's approval of By-Law 9.1 [Paralegal Standing Committee]. The establishment of the Committee is one of the first steps in implementing the regulation of independent paralegals.


Paralegal Standing Committee appointment
Abraham Feinstein was appointed to the Paralegal Standing Committee to replace Laurence Pattillo who was appointed to the Bench.


Task Force on the Rule of Law and the Independence of the Bar Final Report
The Task Force presented its final report at November Convocation, including a Statement of Principles on the Rule of Law and the Independence of the Bar.

The Task Force's report, Protecting the Public Through an Independent Bar , is to be published together with academic papers, commissioned by the Task Force, explaining the critical importance of an independent bar to a free society. The volume will act as a reference work on all aspects of the importance of an independent legal profession.

The Law Foundation has approved funding to publish the materials in book form in both official languages.

The Task Force was established in the fall 2005 with a mandate to produce a report to be used by legislators and the courts, examining the interdependence of an independent Bar and the Rule of Law.

Task Force on the Rule of Law and the Independence of the Bar final report

Law Society to celebrate 175 th anniversary of the official opening of Osgoode Hall
The Law Society will mark the 175 th Anniversary of the first Convocation at Osgoode Hall with a Legal History Symposium, a virtual exhibit of historic architectural drawings of the building and a grounds exhibition. The anniversary will also be marked by a commemorative plaque and special banners and postcards. The budget for the celebration was approved at November Convocation.

Heritage Committee report

By-Law 16 [Professional Liability Insurance Levies] amended
By-Law 16 was amended to reflect the Territorial Mobility Agreement approved by Convocation in June, 2006.

Motion tabled
The motion, Amendment to By-Law 6 respecting the election of the Treasurer, was tabled.

By-Law 5 [Election of Benchers] amended
Minor housekeeping amendments were made to By-Law 5.

Motion to amend By-Law 5

Motion to amend By-Law 6

Motion to amend By-Law 16

Bencher Neil Finkelstein was appointed to the Board of Governors of the Law Commission of Ontario.

Bencher Mark Sandler was appointed as a trustee on the Board of Trustees of the Law Foundation of Ontario.

Bencher Janet Minor was appointed to the Ontario Lawyers' Assistance Program Board of Directors.


Governance Task Force Interim Report
The items for decision in the Governance Task Force Interim Report were not reached.


Agenda and Minutes


CEO Report

Governance Task Force Interim Report

  • Treasurer's Election Issues
  • Setting of Convocation's Agenda

For Information

  • Convocation's Priority Planning Process
  • Consideration of Motion to Amend By-Law 6 (Cherniak/Millar Motion)

Heritage Committee Report

  • 175 th Anniversary Budget

For Information

  • Donations of Material to the Law Society Archives

Reports for Information Only

Lawyers Fund for Client Compensation Committee Report

  • Definitions of Dishonesty Used by the Fund
  • Revisiting Guideline 2(a)
  • Grants Paid by the Fund

Access to Justice Committee Report

  • Litigation Financing
  • Justice Coulter Osborne: Civil Justice Review
  • 'Into the Future' Conference on Civil Justice

Report of the Independence of the Bar Task Force