Effective Practice Management for Lawyers - Resources

General References

A1a - Contingency Planning

Note: Vulnerabilities Assessment Chart is also available in Excel format on the LawPRO site

A1b - Power of Attorney

  • Contingency Planning Guide
  • "Approaches to Drafting Powers of Attorney - Is Boilerplate Enough?"by M. R. O'Sullivan, Special Lectures 2010: A Medical-Legal Approach to Estate Planning, Decision-Making and Estate Dispute Resolution for the Older Client, Toronto, ON, April 14, 2010, tab 19 [available online through The Great Libraryat www.infolocate.ca

A2a - Business Structures

A2b - Space Sharing

A2b - Written Business Arrangements/Partnership Agreements

A3 - Written Office Manual

  • Great Library Stacks - Hatoff, Howard I., Law Office Policy and Procedures Manual, (Chicago: American Bar Association, 2006) (KF 318 L396 2006)
  • Great Library Stacks - Dimitriou, Demetrios, Law Office Procedures Manual for Solos and Small Firms 3rd Ed., (Chicago: American Bar Association, 2005) (KF 318 D56 2005)

(Both resources are also available from LawPRO's practicePRO Lending Library)

A5 - Marketing - Firm Name

A5 - Marketing - General

A7 - Unauthorized Access

B1 - Phantom Clients

B2 - Discussion of Retainer

B3 - Written Retainers - Use

B4 - Written Retainers - Sufficiency

B5 - Money Retainers

B6 - Conflicts Management

B7 - Conflicts of Interest

B8/9 - Client Service and Communication

B10 - Email Communication

C1 - Separate Files for Each Retainer

C2 - Key Information in File

C3 - Notation of Key Dates

C4 - File Organization

C5/6 - File Management Systems

C7 - File Storage

C9 - Tickler System

C10 - Bring Forward System

C11 - File Review

D2 - Detailed Time Dockets

D3 - Account Detail

D4 - Regular Billing and Internal Control

D5 - Managing Accounts Receivable

D6 - Deposit Funds in Trust Account

D7a - General Receipts and Disbursement Journals

D7b - Trust Receipts and Disbursement Journals

D7c - Client Ledger Cards

D7d - Monthly Trust Reconciliations

D7e - Cashed Cheques

D8 - Trust Comparisons

D9 - Trust Reconciliations

D10 - Cash Receipts

D11 - Inactive Trust Accounts

D11 - Accounting Current - Stale Dated Cheques

D12 - Trust Deposit Slips

D13 - Financial Controls

E1 - Office Equipment

E2 - Data Security

F1 - Professional Competency

Note: LawPRO waives any deductible and claims history levy surcharge on any claim made against a lawyer mentor arising out of a mentoring relationship, provided that certain requirements are met.

G2 - Time Dockets for Billable and Non-Billable Time

G3 - Time Reports

  • "Taking your Financial Pulse: Meaningful Financial Analysis for a Profitable Solo and Small Firm"by Bilinsky, D., et al (2007) - available online through the Great Library at www.infolocate.ca
  • "PC Law and Understanding your Bottom Line"by Bilinksy, D., et al, (2008) - available online through the Great Library at www.infolocate.ca

G4 - Delegation and Supervision

H1 - Regular Vacation

H2 - Network of Colleagues

H3 - Stress Management