Paralegal Fee Payment Information

Billing Information

Please refer to the Dates to Remember page and the invoice(s) in your online account for information on payment deadlines and billing amounts. Once you are invoiced you may pay each invoice online by the required deadline. Once the deadline has passed, you will no longer be able to make payment online. If you intend to enrol in the Monthly Payment Plan indicated below, you must complete and submit the Monthly Payment Plan Enrolment Form by the applicable due date. Please review the Monthly Payment Plan Enrolment Information on how and when to enrol.

Candidates are to comply with any requirements that pertain to the payment option selected. To sit an examination, all fees must be paid in full by the relevant deadline (including the applicable study material fee). If your billing date and payment due date is the same on your invoice, payment is due immediately upon receipt.

NOTE: Please check your online account regularly. If you complete the Licensing Process but still have an outstanding balance or have outstanding payments remaining on your payment plan term, you cannot be licensed until your balance is paid.

Refunds issued to a third party require the written consent of the candidate. Notwithstanding this, the Law Society’s banking agreement stipulates that if payments are made using a credit card, a credit must be issued back to the same credit card account. 

In accordance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requirements, the Law Society will issue tax receipts by the end of February from year to year. To ensure prompt delivery of these receipts, you must ensure that you update your mailing address and contact information through your online account and ensure your information is current up to the time of your licensing. Inquiries pertaining to these tax receipts may be sent through your web account. 

Replacement tax receipts must be requested in writing at a cost of $10.00 each (plus applicable taxes). Payment must be enclosed with the request. Please allow one week for processing.

Payment Information

There are four payment options for the examination and study material fee. Payments received by the Law Society typically take two to four business days to be reflected in a candidates’ account. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments are not accepted by the Law Society. Most candidates opt to pay fees online with a valid credit card, however the following is a list of all payment options accepted by the Law Society:

Credit Card (Online)
Payment online may be made with VISA, MasterCard or American Express cards. Candidates making online payments will receive a receipt once the payment has been processed. The Law Society is not responsible for delays in processing payments that result from the bank’s decline of a credit card. Pre-loaded credit cards and Visa debit cards will not be accepted.

Certified Cheque/Money Order/Draft Payments
Payment may be made by certified cheque, money order or draft payable to “The Law Society of Upper Canada” and must be in Canadian Funds and drawn by a Canadian Financial Institution. Your Law Society candidate number must be indicated on the face of the certified cheque, money order or draft. Payments in foreign funds will be returned unprocessed.

Cash and Debit Card Payments
Cash and debit card payments are accepted at the Client Service Centre in Toronto and must be made in person during regular business hours. Payments made in this manner require the individual to print and present a copy of each invoice to be paid to the Client Service Centre employee at the Law Society.

Monthly Payment Plan by Credit Card
Candidates may review the Monthly Payment Plan details and enrollment form available online on the Paralegal Candidate Supports page. You may not select this option if you have any outstanding fees owing (i.e. Licensing Process fees, application fee late charges, NSF charges, etc.). Candidates who would like to withdraw from the Monthly Payment Plan must pay any overdue fees prior to cancelling their payment plan. Please refer to the Monthly Payment Plan Enrolment for further details regarding this payment option, including the deadline to apply and the applicable administrative fees. 

Fees that can be paid by the Monthly Payment Plan include the examination fee and the study material fee. All other fees must be paid in full by the due date indicated on the invoice.

Please refer to the Monthly Payment Plan Enrolment Information for further details regarding this payment option, including the deadline to apply and the applicable administrative fees. Please ensure you also review the Fees Schedule, prior to applying for this plan.


Other Payment Information

Returned Cheques or Rejected Transactions

Cheques not honoured by the bank (NSF, stop payment, etc.) will result in a $25 charge against your account for each item. The Law Society will post the notification of the dishonoured cheque to your Law Society web account. Each dishonoured cheque must be replaced with a secured payment by the given due date (certified cheque, draft, money order, or credit card) and must include the $25 charge. Payments not replaced will count as a non-negotiable/rejected item.

Failure to replace a returned cheque or non-payment will result in the candidate being ineligible to sit the Licensing Examination. The Licensing Process Fee(s) owing at the time will become payable immediately.

Rejected Credit Card Transactions

The Law Society will notify candidates of a rejected credit card transaction by posting the notification to the candidate’s Law Society web account. Candidates are to resolve any matter pertaining to a rejected transaction within 10 business days from the date of the Law Society’s written notice. The Law Society will attempt to re-process the rejected transaction on the 11th business day. If the second attempt to process the transaction is also rejected, the candidate will be removed from the Monthly Payment Plan option. Alternatively, candidates who have two rejected transactions at any time during the term of the payment plan will be removed from the Monthly Payment Plan option. In either case, the Licensing Process Fee(s) owing at the time of removal from the Monthly Payment Plan will become payable immediately.

A request to defer the processing of any credit card transaction constitutes a “stop payment” and will count as a non-negotiable/rejected item.

The Accounts Office will notify the Licensing Process staff of any candidates who have outstanding fees. This may result in the withdrawal of the candidate from the Licensing Process.

Contact list for Candidate Services:

Accounts Office
The Law Society of Upper Canada
130 Queen St. W. Toronto, ON M5H 2N6

Payment and Account Inquiries sent to:
Tel: 416-947-5201 
Fax: 416-947-3305
Email address:

Changes to the Monthly Payment Plan:
Tel: 416-947-5201
Fax: 416-947-3305
Email address:

Financial Assistance (Licensing Process):
Tel: 416-947-3315
Fax: 416-947-9070
Email address: via your candidate web account

Tax Receipts (Licensing Process):
Tel: 416-947-3315
Fax: 416-947-9070
Email address: via your candidate web account

Changes to contact information:
Can be completed online via your candidate web account