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Listed below are Law Society Tribunal orders. The Tribunal is responsible for determining the appropriate disposition of notices of application and referral for hearing.

The notation "UNDER APPEAL" is included where a party has appealed a final decision or order of the Hearing Division to the Appeal Division. It is removed once the appeal is determined. Appeals to the Divisional Court and any resulting disposition are not cited on this website.

Orders may be updated to reflect amendments or corrections directed by a panel.

Reasons for decision, when provided by a panel, are available free of charge on the Canadian Legal Information Institute Website (CanLII). Reasons of a panel are also available on the LexisNexis Quicklaw website.

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Martin Ronald Zaretsky (1978), of the City of Markham, was found to have engaged in professional misconduct for:

  • abdicating his professional responsibility by failing to supervise his real estate practice in connection with a real estate transaction;
  • failing to be on guard against being duped by unscrupulous clients or associated persons in connection with the personal property transactions;
  • failing to serve his lender clients in the real estate transaction to the standard of a competent lawyer.

By Decision and Order dated June 26, 2013 the hearing panel ordered as follows:

  1. Mr. Zaretsky shall be suspended for a period of three (3) months, commencing on October 1, 2013;
  2. While suspended Mr. Zaretsky shall comply fully with the terms of the Law Society of Upper Canada's Guidelines for Lawyers who are Suspended or have given an Undertaking not to Practise ; and
  3. Over the next 12 months, Mr. Zaretsky shall attend for 18 hours of Continuing Professional Development beyond the mandatory minimum amount required of all lawyers, on the subjects of red flags in real estate transactions and/or ethics related to real estate law/corporate law.
  4. Mr. Zaretsky shall pay costs of the Law Society, in the amount of $10,000, payable in installments of $278.99 per month for a period of 36 months, or until the costs are fully paid. After June 26, 2016 interest will accrue at a rate of 3% per annum on any amount outstanding.

(Counsel for the Society, Sean Dewart and Heidi Rubin / Counsel for the Lawyer, William Trudell and Graeme Hamilton)

Richard Anthony Zemla (1988) of the City of Toronto, was found guilty of conduct unbecoming a barrister and solicitor for:

  • while employed by the law firm of K.O. & W.:
    • improperly appropriating monies from K.O. & W. in breach of his employment agreement;
    • failing to disclose to K.O. & W. client files on which he completed legal work and for which he received payment, which were not clients of K.O. & W., in breach of his employment agreement; and
    • failing to disclose that he had obtained the benefit of client services in exchange for the provision of legal services, in breach of his employment agreement.
      In addition, the Member was found guilty of professional misconduct for:
  • during the period of his employment with the law firm K.O. & W., receiving trust monies in the amount of $4,000, more or less, from clients of K.O. & W., which funds he failed to deposit into a trust account in accordance with Regulation 708 made pursuant to the Law Society Act and By-Law 19 made under the Law Society Act .

    The Hearing Panel ordered that:
  • the Member be and he is hereby granted permission to resign his membership in the Law Society of Upper Canada within thirty days (i.e. of the date of the Order, June 27, 2005), failing which he is disbarred.

(Counsel for the Society, Janice Duggan/ Counsel for the Member, William Trudell)
(The Member's resignation became effective July 5, 2005)

Alan Murray Zuker (1962), of the City of Brampton, was found guilty of professional misconduct for:

  • in or about the period March 29, 2000 to October 1, 2002, failing to comply with the terms of the Undertaking dated March 28, 2000, given by him pursuant to the terms of Convocation's order dated June 24, 1999, and the order itself.
  • in or about October 2000, receiving the sum of $2,700 from his client, B.E., with instructions to apply this money to the cost of transcripts and applying this money to his fees instead, without the knowledge or consent of B.E.
  • in or about August to October 2000, failing to pay into a trust account the sum of $10,000 more or less which he received from his client, B.E., or others on his behalf, on account of fees for services not yet rendered or disbursements not yet made, contrary to By-law 19 under the Law Society Act.

    Hearing Panel ordered that:
  • the Member is permitted to resign his membership in the Law Society. If the Member does not resign his membership in the Law Society within 30 days of the date of this order, the Member is disbarred as a barrister, his name is struck off the roll of solicitors and his membership in the Law Society is revoked.
  • Commencing the day on which the Member resigns his membership in the Law Society or is disbarred as a barrister, his name struck off the role of solicitors and his membership in the Law Society revoked, the Member is prohibited from acting or practising as a barrister or solicitor and from holding himself out as a barrister or solicitor.
  • there is no order as to costs.

    NOTE: The member resigned effective June 12, 2003.

(Counsel for the Law Society, Deborah McPhadden/ Member present, not represented)