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Request Time with a Coach

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A Coach provides longer term supports to a licensee who has submitted a completed Request Time with a Coach Form and Agreement (“Participant”) to foster best practices and support the enhancement of competence in the professions over a three month period. It is expected that the Participant and Coach will plan for an initial meeting of 1.5 hours, followed by five 30-minute sessions set on alternating weeks. This schedule would result in approximately a 3-month commitment.

Any questions on this application relating to self-identification are entirely voluntary and are not required to process the documentation. The Coach and Advisor Network (CAN) is committed to supporting diversity. Collecting this information can help the Network to assess whether it is meeting its goal of supporting racialized, Indigenous and equality-seeking groups of licensees.

To be referred to a Coach, please complete and submit this Request Time with a Coach Form and Agreement ("Agreement"). The information you enter will assist CAN in making a suitable referral where volunteers are available. Your records on file at the Law Society will not be updated with the information you provide on this Agreement. You may update your contact information through the Law Society Portal.

You can expect to hear back from CAN about your request within two weeks from the date of submission.

If you have any questions about the Coach and Advisor Network or this Agreement, please visit\coachandadvisor or contact us at


1.     Name:  

2. Law Society Number:  

3. The Coach and Advisor Network will communicate with you through e-mail. Please provide your preferred e-mail address:  

4. Should the Coach and Advisor Network or a Coach wish to speak with you by telephone, please provide your preferred telephone number:  

5.    I am seeking assistance from:


               A paralegal, where the inquiry is within the paralegal scope of practice       


               My specific goal for this coaching engagement is (maximum 200 characters):


6.     I am seeking a Coach who is fluent in French:


7.     I prefer that my Coach has a minimum number of years of legal practice experience:


8.     I am currently working in the following legal setting:      

               A law firm or practice                

                       sole practice                             

                       firm with 5 or fewer licensees                                      

                       firm with 6 or more licensees           

              A government organization               

               Legal Aid Ontario                                                       

               A community legal clinic               

               An educational institution               

               A corporation               

               A non-profit organization               

               Other:  Please specify:                


9.     I prefer that my Coach has experience practising in a rural setting or smaller community:


10.    I am seeking assistance with: (select one)


          If other, please specify: 


In the following area(s) of law or legal services: (select all that apply)

                 Aboriginal Law                              

                 Administrative Law                                        

                 ADR/Mediation Services                    

                 Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law                     

                 Civil Litigation - Defendant                     

                 Civil Litigation - Plaintiff                     

                 Construction Law                     

                 Corporate/Commercial Law                     

                 Criminal/Quasi Criminal Law                     

                 Employment/Labour Law                     

                 Environmental Law                     

                 Family/Matrimonial Law                     

                 Franchise Law                     

                 Human Rights                               

                 Immigration Law                     

                 Intellectual Property Law                     

                 Landlord and Tenant                     

                 Ontario Court of Justice - Summary Conviction Offences                     

                 Ontario Court of Justice Provincial Offences Act matters                     

                 Property Tax Assessment                     

                 Real Estate Law                     

                 Securities Law                     

                 Small Claims Court matters                     

                 Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule matters (SABS)                     

                 Tax Law                     


                 Wills, Estates, Trusts Law                     

                 Worker's Compensation                     

                 Workplace Safety and Insurance Law                     

                 Other - please specify:                      


11.    The Coach and Advisor Network encourages the use of technology to manage long-distance engagements.  Are you willing to accept a remote/virtual coaching engagement?


 You may wish to be referred to a Coach from a specific geographic region. If so, please indicate: (select all that apply)


              Northwest, including Kenora (Kenora), Thunder Bay (Thunder Bay), Rainy River (Fort Frances).                         

              Northeast, including Cochrane (Timmins), Algoma (Sault Ste. Marie), Sudbury (Sudbury), Temiskaming (Haileybury), Nipissing (North Bay), Parry Sound (Parry Sound).                

              East, including Prescott/Russell (L'Orignal/Hawkesbury), Ottawa-Carleton (Ottawa), Renfrew (Pembroke), Stormont/Dundas/Glengarry (Cornwall), Lanark (Perth), Lennox & Addington, Napanee), Frontenac (Kingston), Leeds & Grenville (Brockville), Hastings (Belleville). 

              Central East, including Muskoka (Bracebridge), Victoria & Haliburton (Lindsay), Simcoe (Barrie), Durham (Whitby), Peterborough (Peterborough), Northumberland (Cobourg).          

              Central West, including Bruce (Walkerton), Grey (Owen Sound), Dufferin (Orangeville), Wellington (Guelph), Peel (Brampton), Halton (Milton).           

              Central South, including Waterloo (Kitchener), Burlington/Hamilton (Hamilton), Lincoln/Niagara North (St. Catharines), Welland (Welland), Brant (Brantford), Norfolk (Simcoe), Haldimand (Cayuga).

              Southwest, including Huron (Goderich), Perth (Stratford), Oxford (Woodstock), Middlesex (London), Lambton (Sarnia), Elgin (St. Thomas), Kent (Chatham), Essex (Windsor).   

             Toronto (GTA)                     



12.   The Coach and Advisor Network is committed to promoting equality and diversity in its activities, and to enhance legal services provided by and for racialized, Indigenous, Francophone and equality-seeking communities. The following question is voluntary and the information collected will be kept confidential by the Coach and Advisor Network in the Practice Supports and Resources Department and will not be shared with other Law Society departments. In addition to the purposes set out in this Agreement for the collection of information provided in this Agreement, this information may be aggregated and used for the purpose of reporting to Convocation on the diversity of the Participants requesting time with a Coach through the Coach and Advisor Network. Information will not be aggregated or used for the purpose of reporting to Convocation if doing so may identify a specific individual.

I self-identify with the following communities: (check all that apply)

              I do not wish to answer this question        


              Black (e.g. African-Canadian, African, Caribbean)                               

              Chinese/East-Asian (e.g. Japanese, Korean)                                    



              Indigenous person                               

              Latin American, Hispanic    



              Person with a disability                               

               South Asian (e.g. Indo-Canadian, Indian Subcontinent)          

               South-East Asian (e.g. Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai, Filipino)       

              West Asian (e.g. Iranian, Afghan)                               


              Other - please specify:                            


13.   You may prefer a Coach who shares one or more of your self-identified communities. If so, please indicate: (select all that apply).


              Black (e.g. African-Canadian, African, Caribbean)                          

              Chinese/East-Asian (e.g. Japanese, Korean)                               



              Indigenous person                          

              Latin American, Hispanic 



              Person with a disability.  Would you prefer to have a coach with a disability similar to your own?  If so, please specify. You are not required to provide information you are not comfortable providing:


              South Asian (e.g. Indo-Canadian, Indian Subcontinent)           

              South-East Asian (e.g. Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai, Filipino)   


              West Asian (e.g. Iranian, Afghan)                          


              Other - please specify:                       


14.     If you have expressed a preference for a Coach who shares one or more of the communities with which you have self-identified, do you authorize the Coach and Advisor Network to use the information in Question 12 to facilitate an effective match with a Coach?     





15.     If you have a disability that requires some form of accommodation to facilitate your connection with a Coach, please provide information relating to the type of accommodation required, so the Coach and Advisor Network can best meet your needs.     






The information provided by me on this Agreement (“Information”) is collected by The Law Society of Upper Canada’s Coach and Advisor Network for the purposes of making a referral to a Coach, the Coach and Advisor Network’s administration, and as otherwise expressly set out in this Agreement.

The Information shall be used by the Coach and Advisor Network only for the purposes set out above and shall not be disclosed to any person, unless such disclosure is necessary to fulfill such purposes.

Having requested the support or assistance of a volunteer Coach, I hereby agree as follows:

1.     Support and assistance received from a Coach:     

a)     Is not to be used as a substitute for my research and analysis or my own professional judgment and advice to my
b)     Is not to be used to help resolve a personal legal or disciplinary matter;
c)     Does not include direct involvement of a Coach with any of my clients or direct involvement of a Coach in dispute resolution.          

2.     I am required to independently verify any statement of law, practice, procedure or facts made to me by a Coach and to rely only upon such independent verification.

3.    The Law Society of Upper Canada, persons administering the Coach and Advisor Network, and the Coach, collectively and individually, shall have no liability, however it may arise, in connection with my participation in the Coach and Advisor Network or with any support or assistance offered and/or given to me and I assume full responsibility and liability for my participation in the Coach and Advisor Network and for any use that may be made of any such support or assistance at any time.

4.     Without limiting paragraph 3, any technology used by me to communicate with the Coach is solely at my own risk.

5.    The Coach, if assigned to me, will have no contact with my client(s) that would create a lawyer-client or paralegal-client relationship.

6.     I acknowledge that a referral to a Coach depends upon the availability of suitable volunteers.

7.      I have either obtained or waived my rights to obtain independent legal advice from my own lawyer with respect to the terms of this Agreement prior to submitting it. I understand the terms, rights and obligations in this Agreement.

    I confirm my professional obligations under the Rules of Professional Conduct or Paralegal Rules of Conduct, as applicable, with respect to my participation in the Coach and Advisor Network.

    By submitting this Agreement, I hereby agree to its terms, consent to the collection, use and disclosure of the Information as set out above, and acknowledge that the Coach and Advisor Network will use the Information for the purposes set out above.      



Thank you.  

Using your browser print option, please print a copy of this form for your records before submitting.