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The Coach and Advisor Network (CAN) is excited to offer Advisor services. Our goal is to establish strong connections with our Advisors and Participants to create a robust community that supports the development of best practices and self-directed learning. By fostering the professions’ collective competence, CAN seeks to serve the interests of the public and the professions.

With the support of CAN Advisors, CAN aims to assist Participants with strategic guidance on substantive or procedural issues on client files. The Participant comes to the Engagement prepared to make the most of the time allotted. These materials are designed to orient both Advisors and Participants to the CAN Advisor Model.


In January 2016, Convocation approved the creation of a dedicated coach and advisor unit within the Law Society’s Professional Development and Competence Division. CAN exercises a training and coordinating function and fills a gap within the existing supports and resources for lawyers and paralegals in the province. In addition to more traditional, longer term mentorship relationships offered by other organizations and associations, through CAN, lawyers and paralegals can benefit from short-term advisor supports to address substantive or procedural issues on client files; and longer-term coach supports to implement best practices.

About the Advisor Engagement

The Advisor’s Role

All Advisors have a minimum total of 5 years’ legal experience and are matched with a Participant based on their subject matter knowledge, scope of practice (where applicable) and practice setting experience, if relevant. An Advisor brings knowledge and experience to a Participant who has taken a client matter as far as they are able without the benefit of more senior guidance.

Scope of the Engagement

Advisors need to stay alert to the scope of the engagement and the obligations of confidentiality and conflicts throughout the 30-minute consultation.

The Advisor can act as a sounding board, can assist in identification of issues and options and can provide general guidance about substantive or procedural law. The Advisor shall not engage in any activity that would create a lawyer-client or paralegal-client relationship.

The Participant’s Role

The Participant enters into the Advisor Engagement with the understanding that the Participant is responsible for their own decisions and results.

The Participant is expected to have conducted appropriate research about their substantive or procedural matter before seeking an Advisor. Participants are reminded that Advisors have generously donated their time as a service to the professions and efforts should be made by Participants to make the most of the opportunity provided.

The Participant should take at least 30 minutes in advance of the call to prepare.  See the Participant Pre-Call Worksheet for Advisor Services.

How are Advisor Engagements processed?

CAN will endeavor to match a Participant with an Advisor within two business days of receipt of a Request. When CAN receives a request for time with an Advisor and identifies a suitable volunteer on the roster, CAN will confirm the Engagement in an email addressed to both the Advisor and the Participant. The email will contain confirmation of receipt of the Participant’s submitted Request and Agreement Form. It is anticipated that the Advisor will provide 30 minutes of time to the Participant within two business days of CAN’s confirmation. If for any reason this is not possible or does not occur, the Advisor or Participant should contact CAN so alternate arrangements can be made.