Paralegal Rules of Conduct

Adopted by Convocation on March 29, 2007

In Effect: May 1, 2007
Amendments current to October 25, 2012
NOTE: Rules of conduct amended to implement Federation's Model Code effective October 1, 2014 - More Information

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  • RULE 1: Citation and Interpretation — Definitions for key terms used throughout the Rules and guidelines for interpretation of the Rules.
  • RULE 2: Professionalism — Rules on issues related to professionalism, such as integrity and civility, undertakings, harassment and discrimination.
  • RULE 3: Duty to Clients — Rules on client-related issues such as competence, confidentiality, conflict of interest, client property and withdrawal from representation.
  • RULE 4: Advocacy — Rules related to advocacy such as duty to clients, tribunals and others, disclosure of documents, interviewing witnesses, communication with witnesses giving testimony, the paralegal as witness and dealing with unrepresented persons.
  • RULE 5: Fees and Retainers — Rules on fee issues including contingency fees, joint retainers, fee splitting and referral fees.
  • RULE 6: Duty to the Administration of Justice — Rules relating to a paralegal's duty to the administration of justice and the courts, including security of court facilities, public appearances and statements, and unauthorized practice.
  • RULE 7: Duty to Licensees and Others — Rules governing a paralegal's conduct toward licensees and others including the duty to act with courtesy and good faith.
  • RULE 8: Practice Management — Rules on issues related to practice management including general obligations, advertising, insurance, and firm names, letterhead and signs.
  • RULE 9: Responsibility to the Law Society — Rules covering a paralegal's duty to the Law Society including communications from the Law Society, duties to report, professional misconduct and conduct unbecoming a paralegal.
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