Lawyer Licensing Process

The focus of the Lawyer Licensing Process is to ensure that candidates have demonstrated they possess the required entry-level competencies, in order to provide legal services effectively and in the public interest.   

 New Information on the Law Practice Program   

To qualify for admission to the Lawyer Licensing Process, an applicant must have acquired credentials through one of the following options:

    Graduates of an Accredited
Law School (Common Law)

For applicants who acquire an
L.L.B./J.D. in Canada 

                       Internationally Trained or
Educated Lawyers

For applicants with a law degree
obtained outside of Canada


Lawyer from Another Province
For applicants transferring from another province 



Professional competence is achieved through a combination of knowledge, skills, abilities and judgment. Prior to applying, it is strongly recommended that candidates review the Lawyer Licensing Process Policies and the Licensing Examination Rules and Protocol to familiarize themselves with relevant information.

The Licensing Process consists of the following mandatory components that are required to be completed in order to called to the Bar of Ontario:  

Barrister Licensing
Examination & Solicitor   
Licensing Examination 
    +     Articling Program     +     Good Character Requirement
(see Part VI)
     ›     Call to the Bar of
(Become Licensed) 
 Law Practice Program  



  This section guides a qualified applicant through the application process:

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