Certified Specialist Program

The Law Society's Certified Specialist program is intended to help members of the public identify lawyers who can meet their needs for specialist assistance in complex matters and to facilitate referrals by other lawyers and professionals. Specialists are evaluated initially and periodically, and in accordance with specified standards of knowledge, skill, conduct and practice. The program is voluntary, and no lawyer in Ontario is required to be certified as a specialist in order to practise in the area of law covered by that specialty. However, only those certified by the Law Society may refer to themselves as specialists in their advertising, and are included in the Law Society's Directory of Specialists. As of January 2000, the Law Society recognizes ten areas of law in which lawyers can be certified.

The Directory of Certified Specialists  is available online. A paper directory may also be requested from the Client Service Centre.

For more information contact the Client Service Centre or by email lawsociety@lsuc.on.ca.