Your Law: Family Law - Spousal support and property

When a couple separates or divorces questions such as who will need to pay financial support and what will happen to any property you own together need to answered. Ontario lawyers Alfred Mamo and Roslyn Tsao discuss how a lawyer can help with these important decisions.


Child Support and the Child Support Guidelines
Source: CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario)
This booklet explains the legal responsibility for child support when parents separate or divorce. Topics covered include who must pay support, how to arrange for support to be paid, how support is enforced, and income tax information.  

Family Law Resources in Ontario
Source: CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario)
This is a directory of legal resources, information and referral services for service providers and families who need information about family law and courts in Ontario. Topics include family law services at Ontario courts, family violence resources and resources for children, youth and parents.

Getting Divorced
Source: CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario)
This brochure provides information about legally ending a marriage. Topics covered include grounds for divorce, who can apply, how to get a divorce, decisions about support, property, and children and where to get legal help. 

Living Together: Opposite-Sex and Same-Sex Common-Law Relationships
Source: CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario)
This pamphlet describes how different laws recognize and treat common-law relationships. It highlights the differences and similarities between common-law relationships and legal marriages, and points out the few ways in which the law can still affect same-sex couples differently. Topics include: property, children, support, benefits, taxes, inheritance and immigration