May 2012


Law Society requesting input on proposed changes to conduct rules - August 31 deadline
The Law Society is issuing a call for input from the profession on proposed amendments to the lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct, arising from the implementation of the Federation of Law Societies’ Model Code of Professional Conduct. While many of the proposed changes are minor, some changes are more substantive and introduce new standards. Full report.  

Paralegal Rules of Conduct amended 
Rule 3.02 of the Paralegal Rules of Conduct was amended by Convocation to clarify the requirement that paralegals be on guard against being used to facilitate dishonesty, fraud, crime or illegal conduct.The amendments also broadened the rule to refer to fraud or dishonesty by clients or others, rather than just clients.  These amendments are consistent with amendments made to the lawyers’ rules at April Convocation. 

The Paralegal Guidelines were amended by the Paralegal Standing Committee regarding limited scope retainers and to reflect the amendments to Rule 3.02. Full report. 

Human Rights Monitoring Group intervention approved
Convocation approved the Human Rights Monitoring Group’s proposed intervention in the following case : Colombia – Bounty offered for the assassination of Lawyer José Humberto Torres.

The Human Rights Monitoring Group was established to monitor human rights violations that target lawyers and judges as a result of the discharge of their legitimate professional duties. Full report.

Articling Task Force submissions released
The Articling Task Force delivered an interim report to May Convocation, which included a summary of responses to the task force's consultation. The summary and full copies of written submissions received are now available on the Law Society website.  The task force is reviewing and assessing the submissions as it develops recommendations for Convocation’s consideration.  The task force is planning to deliver its final report to Convocation this fall.  More information. 

Adjudicator Code of Conduct amended
Convocation amended the Adjudicator Code of Conduct following a review to address redundancies, update language and reflect current legislation. Full report.

The following benchers were reappointed to the Proceedings Authorization Committee effective June 3, 2012: Julian Porter (Chair), Beth Symes (Vice-Chair), Michelle Haigh, Gavin MacKenzie, Alan Silverstein. Motion.






Chief Executive Officer's Report to Convocation 

 Articling Task Force 

  • Update on the Work of the Task Force

Professional Regulation Committee  

  • Call for Input on Proposed Amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct and Commentary

Tribunals Committee  

  • Amendments to the Adjudicator Code of Conduct

Report on the Federation of Law Societies of Canada 

Report of the Director of Professional Development and Competence 

  • Deemed Call Candidates

Paralegal Standing Committee

  • In Camera Item
  • Amendments to Rule 3.02 of the Paralegal Rules of Conduct

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  • Amendments to the Paralegal Guidelines

Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee 

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  • Monitoring Group Interventions

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  • Report of the Activities of the Discrimination and Harassment Counsel 2003-2011
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Finance Committee

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Treasurer’s Report 


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