June 2012

Thomas G. Conway commences term as Treasurer of the Law Society
Following his acclamation, Thomas G. Conway began his term as Law Society Treasurer. Treasurer Conway succeeds former Treasurer Laurie H. Pawlitza. News release.

New bencher elected
Ross F. Earnshaw of Kitchener was elected as bencher at June Convocation. Mr. Earnshaw was elected to fill the vacancy created by the election of Thomas Conway as Treasurer.

Success of paralegal regulation highlighted in report to Attorney General
The success of paralegal regulation by the Law Society, which came into effect in 2007, is the focal point of a five-year review report presented by the Law Society to Attorney General John Gerretsen today at Convocation. A requirement under the Law Society Act, the report shows that both the public and paralegals are satisfied with and benefit from regulation. Full report. News release.

Enhanced tribunals model approved
Convocation approved enhancements to the Law Society’s adjudicative model that support the Law Society’s commitment to a hearings process that is transparent, fair and effective for both the public and affected licensees. The model includes the establishment of a full-time, non-bencher lawyer Tribunal Chair. The Chair will be supported by two part-time Vice-Chairs who are elected benchers. Other enhancements under the approved model include the appointment of additional non-bencher adjudicators to the Hearing Panel and appointment and evaluation criteria for adjudicators. The new model will be evaluated in the third year of the new chair’s first term. Full report.

New policies approved re: cost awards in Law Society proceedings
Convocation approved a new tariff for the calculation of costs in Law Society proceedings. Convocation also approved the authority for the Law Society to automatically suspend a licensee’s licence for failure to pay costs. An amendment to the Law Society Act is required to implement this decision. The amendment would authorize the suspension of a licensee’s licence for failure to pay costs within the delay specified in the order until costs are paid in full. Licensees will be able to apply for an extension. Convocation also revoked two outdated policies relating to awards of costs. Full report.

By-Law 7 amended re: multi-discipline partnerships
By-Law 7 [Business Entities] was amended to permit licensees to form a multi-discipline practice with a non-licensee practising a profession, trade or occupation through a professional corporation. Full report.

Policy re: funding for external organizations approved
Convocation approved a policy, application form and budget template for requests to the Law Society from external organizations for support and funding of initiatives that will assist the Law Society to fulfill its mandate. Full report.

Audit and Finance Committees to be combined
The Finance and Audit Committees are to be combined into a new committee to be
known as the Audit & Finance Committee. The merging of the committees will increase efficiency with additional emphasis on the assessment of the effectiveness and operational efficiency of Law Society programs. Full report

Audit Committee Report
The Audit Committee Report was not reached. 

Bencher Ross Earnshaw and past Treasurer Laurie Pawlitza were appointed to the Law Society Hearing Panel for a term ending May 26, 2013. 


Agenda and Minutes



Professional Regulation Committee

  • Recommendations Respecting Costs Awards Made in Law Society Proceedings  
  • Amendments to By-Law 7 Respecting Multi-Discipline Practices

Access to Justice Committee 

  • Policy Governing Decisions on Support and Funding for External Organizations

 Finance Committee 

  • J. Shirley Denison Fund Applications (in camera)
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance Fund Cheque Signing Authority

For Information

  • Tribunals Committee Report on Law Society Hearings Process
  • Other Committee Work

Audit Committee and Finance Committee - Joint Report

  • Proposed Audit & Finance Committee

Tribunals Committee 

  • Hearings Process Report

For Information

  • Recommendations Respecting Costs Awards Made in Law Society Proceedings
  • Tribunals Office First Quarter 2012 Statistics

Audit Committee 

  • Business Conduct Policy

For information

  • Other Committee Work

Paralegal Standing Committee 

  • Report on the Five Year Review of Paralegal Regulation

For information

  • Recommendations Respecting Costs Awards Made in Law Society Proceedings
  • Amendments to By-Law 7 Respecting Multi-Discipline Practices

Report of the Director of Professional Development and Competence

  • Deemed Call Candidates



Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee

For Information

  • Appointments to the Equity Advisory Group
  • Public Education Equality and Rule of Law Series: 2011-2012 Review

Professional Development and Competence Committee

  • Appointment to the Specialist Certification Board