China: Human Rights Violations against Lawyers (October, 2007)

The Law Society expresses its deep concern over the news that human rights lawyers are being subjected to persecution and harassment as a result of the discharge of their legitimate professional duties and that this situation appears to be escalating.

Reports indicate that Gao Zhisheng, Director of the Beijing-based Shengzhi Law office, has again been subjected to ill treatment, as he was driven away from his home on September 22, 2007 by ten plainclothes State Security Protection officers and his whereabouts remained unknown.

The Law Society is also concerned about reports that lawyer Li Heping was abducted in the parking lot of his law office by a dozen plainclothes men.

The Law Society is also concerned about the refusal of the Shandong Provincial Bureau of Judicial Affairs to renew Li Jianqiang's licence to practice law.

Convocation approved the following letter of intervention, dated October 31, 2007.

Letter of Intervention to the President of the Communist Party