August 2012



Convocation approved a series of committee and other appointments. View the full list of committee and external appointments.

Law Society committee and working group chairs and vice-chairs

Access to Justice

Marion Boyd (Co-Chair)
Michelle Haigh (Co-Chair)
Michael Lerner (Vice-Chair)

Appeal Panel

Mark Sandler (Chair)
Christopher Bredt (Vice-Chair)

Articling Task Force

Thomas Conway (Chair)

Audit & Finance

Christopher Bredt (Co-Chair)
Carol Hartman (Co-Chair)
John Callaghan (Vice-Chair)


Thomas Conway (Chair)

Compensation Fund

Peter Wardle (Chair)

Equity and Aboriginal Issues

Howard Goldblatt (Chair)
Julian Falconer (Vice-Chair)
Susan Hare (Vice-Chair)

Government Relations

William McDowell (Co-Chair)
Julian Porter (Co-Chair)


Constance Backhouse (Chair)

Inter-Jurisdictional Mobility

Janet Minor (Chair)

Law Society Awards

Thomas Conway (Chair)

Law Society LL.D. Advisory

Thomas Conway (Chair)


John Campion (Chair)

Paralegal Standing

Cathy Corsetti (Chair)
Susan McGrath (Vice-Chair)

Priority Planning

Thomas Conway (Chair)

Proceedings Authorization

Paul Schabas (Chair)

Professional Development and Competence

Janet Minor (Chair)
Wendy Matheson (Vice-Chair)
Barbara Murchie (Vice-Chair)
Alan Silverstein (Vice-Chair)

Professional Regulation

William McDowell (Chair)
Malcolm Mercer (Vice-Chair)
Susan Richer (Vice-Chair)
Paul Schabas (Vice-Chair)


Raj Anand (Chair)
Adriana Doyle (Vice-Chair)

Working Groups

Alternative Business Structures

Susan McGrath (Co-Chair)
Malcolm Mercer (Co-Chair)

Challenges Faced By Racialized Licensees

Raj Anand (Chair)

Retention of Women

Thomas Conway (Co-Chair)
Laurie Pawlitza (Co-Chair)

Reports and Other News

Law Society's efforts bolster rule of law in Myanmar

Eight lawyers in Myanmar have had their licence to practise law reinstated after the Law Society and other advocates for the rule of law and the independence of the legal profession intervened on behalf of 32 lawyers disbarred for political reasons.  Visit the Gazette for full article. 

Have your say on proposed rule amendments

The Law Society is asking for input on proposed amendments to the lawyer's Rules of Professional Conduct. The proposed amendments are intended to implement the Federation of Law Societies of Canada's Model Code of Professional Conduct within the Law Society's rules. The deadline to submit comments is August 31, 2012. Visit the Gazette for more information.

Composition of Compensation Committee amended

Convocation approved changes to the composition of the Compensation Committee. Full report.