Haiti - Lawyers St-Juste and Michel, October 2012

The Law Society of Upper Canada expresses its deep concern over threats and intimidation of lawyers Mario Joseph, Newton St-Juste and André Michel

According to reliable reports we have received, the personal security of these lawyers is at risk. On September 28, 2012, the former Chief Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince, Jean Renel Sénatus, claimed that he had been dismissed by the Ministry of Justice because he refused to implement an order to arrest 36 people.  Included on the list were St-Juste and Michel, who had recently filed claims against the wife and son of the President of the Republic of Haiti for corruption and embezzlement of public funds, and Joseph, prominent human rights lawyer and head of the International Lawyers Office (Bureau des Avocats Internationaux).  Joseph is involved in a number of political cases such as proceedings against former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, complaints against the UN for their alleged involvement in spreading the cholera epidemic in Haiti and cases of forced evictions of people made homeless after the earthquake. 

Letter of intervention