Cabrera - Honduras, Nov. 2012

The Law Society expresses its  deep concern over the murder of human rights lawyer Antonio Trejo Cabrera.

Reliable reports indicate that on September 22, 2012, Trejo Cabrera was shot five times after leaving a wedding ceremony at a church near Tegucigalpa.  Trejo Cabrera was a prominent human rights lawyer who represented a number of Honduran agrarian groups in disputes with large landowners.  Trejo Cabrera represented three peasant cooperatives in the Bajo Aguan, a fertile valley in the north of the country.  He had recently assisted farmers to gain legal rights to the land in the valley and was scheduled to travel to Washington, DC in October to participate in hearings at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on the ongoing land dispute. 

According to the reports, hours before he was killed, Trejo Cabrera participated in a televised debate, during which he discussed charges of treason he and other lawyers had filed against congressional representatives who had signed a law that cedes portions of national territory to be autonomously governed for indefinite amounts of time by foreign governments or corporations.  Trejo Cabrera had previously reported a number of death threats. 

 Letter of intervention