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Amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct Effective October 1, 2014 

The amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct serve two purposes: they enhance guidance to lawyers on professional conduct and facilitate uniform national professional conduct standards in an environment of increased mobility of lawyers across Canada. They are based on the Model Code of Professional Conduct adopted by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, the national coordinating body of all law societies across Canada. Law societies across Canada have made or are making amendments to their rules or codes of conduct in an effort to establish a more uniform standard of professional conduct for the practice of law in Canada.   Most of the amendments are minor, however some are more substantive and introduce new standards, particularly for dealing with conflicts of interest, undertakings and withdrawal from representation.


 The amended Rules of Professional Conduct also includes a new numbering scheme that mirrors the Model Code. The former Rules (in effect until September 30, 2014) are divided into rules, subrules and commentaries; the amended Rules are divided into chapters, sections, rules and commentaries. In addition, a new rule on integrity (Chapter 2) has been added and this has shifted the numbering of the Rules up by one. For example, Chapter 3 (Relationship to Clients) is the former Rule 2 (Relationship to Clients).


 The Law Society has developed resources to assist lawyers with understanding and complying with the amended Rules of Professional Conduct:


Additional Resources: 


 For more information, visit the Law Society’s New Rules of Professional Conduct webpage


CPD Requirement Late Fee implemented for 2014  Lawyers who do not complete or who fail to report their 2014 CPD Hours by December 31, 2014, will be charged a $100 late fee, in addition to being subject to administrative suspension. The late fee helps offset the administrative costs of managing non-compliance with the CPD Requirement.  Remember to enter your CPD Hours in the LSUC Portal early to avoid slower response times in December. See  Tips for entering CPD Hours



 Going on leave? The Law Society’s Career Coaching Program provides six hours of career coaching free of charge to practising women lawyers in sole practice or firms of five lawyers/paralegals or fewer who take maternity, parental, adoption or compassionate leaves.  



 Pathways to the Profession Pilot Project Update The newly launched Law Practice Program (LPP) at Ryerson and Ottawa universities employs the latest adult experiential learning methods to provide lawyer licensing candidates with a full range of rigorous professional training and experience. Under the Pathways Pilot Project, candidates may choose to either complete the LPP or the Articling Program to fulfil the experiential training requirement of the Licensing Process. 



 Ryerson and Ottawa Universities seeking Law Practice Program Work Placements  The Law Society encourages lawyers to offer a paid work placement for 2014-15 Law Practice Program (LPP) candidates and help train the next generation of lawyers. Offering a work placement is a four-month commitment from January to April 2015.  LPP candidates have the same status as articling candidates.



Enhancements to Lawyer/Paralegal Directory  If you’re a lawyer who provides legal services to the public, you’ll soon be able to indicate the areas of law about which you can be consulted. Later in the year, this information will be searchable in the public-facing Lawyer and Paralegal Directory. In October you’ll be asked to choose — using a new portlet in the Portal — whether or not you want to participate. If yes, you’ll select one or more areas from a pre-populated list. More information on the new portlet will be available soon. 



 Leading the way to keeping women in private practice  The Law Society, in partnership with over 55 law firms, has created excellent resources to assist women lawyers to advance in their careers.  The guides cover topics such as business development, leadership, career advancement, parental leave and flexible work arrangements. 


Important Dates  

September 24 - Convocation

On or about October 1 - LAWPRO Online filing of Professional Liability Insurance applications for 2015 begins.


October 3 - Professional Corporation annual renewal application and fee due.


October 30 - Convocation


October 31 - LAWPRO 2014 Third Quarter Real Estate and Civil Litigation Levy Surcharge filings and applicable payments due.


November 4 - LAWPRO  E-file Deadline. LAWPRO renewal applications for 2015 professional liability insurance must be e-filed by this date to be eligible for the $25 per lawyer e-filing discount.


November 11LAWPRO Final deadline to submit LAWPRO renewal application for 2015 professional liability insurance.


November 28 - Convocation



For more resources, visit the Manage Your Practice section under For Lawyers or phone 416-947-3315 or 1-800-668-7380 ext 3315. 

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