PSP: Away from your office and unable to use your PSP

Q: I am a sole practitioner. What if I am away from the office and I am unable to personally use my diskette? How should I deal with this?

The following are some options.  You should use your discretion and adopt whatever option best suits your situation. You may grant update authority to the document in your Teraview account to another lawyer who has his or her own PSP (Personal Security Package) in a message sent through the e-reg™ system.  It is possible to grant such authority to a lawyer in your own firm who is a user under the same account or to a lawyer in another firm who has his or her own PSP under his or her own account. It should be noted that the account that signs the document for completeness will be the account from which the land transfer tax and registration fees will be withdrawn.  Alternatively, you may wish to make arrangements to access Teraview remotely. 


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