May 2013


Two-year review of CPD requirement confirms success, introduces enhancements
Convocation approved changes to the CPD requirement in response to lawyer and paralegal input and following its two-year review of the program. Feedback from lawyers and paralegals received during the review highlighted the benefits of the requirement and also provided valuable input into areas for improvement.

Changes effective immediately:
- co-writing and co-editing now eligible activities
- writing and editing for law firm or other in-house publications now eligible activities
- Accreditation Criteria for Professionalism Hours expanded.

Changes to be implemented for 2014:
- introduction of a simplified reporting process
- elimination of the separate New Member Requirement
- introduction of an Accredited Provider Framework to streamline the approval of professionalism programming
- implementation of a late fee.

Full report. More information.

New policies approved re: withdrawal or amendment of particulars and authority to withdraw a regulatory application
Convocation confirmed the authority of Law Society staff to withdraw or amend particulars in an application before the Hearing Panel, without seeking approval from the Proceedings Authorization Committee (PAC). Convocation also amended By-Law 11 [Regulation of Conduct, Capacity and Professional Competence] to permit Law Society staff to withdraw an application in its entirety without approval from PAC, where a hearing on the merits has not begun. Full report.

Policies approved re: Law Society fund balance management
Convocation approved policies to manage the size and use of the Law Society’s Lawyer General and Compensation Fund balances. Full report.

Items deferred
The Human Rights Award decision item in the Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee Report and the bencher remuneration item in the Audit and Finance Committee Report were deferred.



Report of the Director of Professional Development and Competence 

  • Deemed Call Candidates

Joint Report of the Professional Development and Competence and Paralegal Standing Committees

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Two-Year Review

Professional Regulation Committee

  • Policy Respecting Law Society Withdrawal of Particulars and Withdrawal of Application

For Information: 

  • Professional Regulation Division Quarterly Report 

 Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee Report

  • Human Rights Award

For Information: 

  • Parental Leave Assistance Program (PLAP) Assessment 
  • Ontario Courts Accessibility Committee Report 
  • Public Education Equality and Rule of Law Series Calendar 2013

 Audit & Finance Committee

  • Law Society Fund Balance Management Policies 
  • Proposed Amendments to Bencher Remuneration Policy 
  • Capital Budget Transfers 
  • McMurtry Gardens of Justice Funding

For Information: 

  • Law Society First Quarter Financial Statements for the Period Ending March 31, 2013 
  • In Camera Item 
  • Investment Compliance Reports 
  • Other Committee Work


Paralegal Standing Committee

  • Policy Respecting Withdrawal of Particulars 
  • Professional Regulation Division Quarterly Report