China: Ni Yulan (September 2013)

The Law Society of Upper Canada voices its grave concern over the case of Ni Yulan. When serious issues of apparent injustice to lawyers and the judiciary come to our attention, we speak out.

According to reports, Ni Yulan is a lawyer and prominent and outspoken activist against forced evictions in China. She was jailed three times over the last 10 years for her work as an activist lawyer. In April 2012, the Xicheng District People's Court rendered its latest sentence in Ni Yulan's case, ordering a two-year prison term following her conviction on charges of fraud and causing disturbance.

Ni Yulan practised law for 18 years, but her licence to practise law was revoked in 2002. She has defended people who have been forcibly evicted from their homes by housing developers across China since 2001.

The Law Society is concerned about the ongoing detention of Ni Yulan. Ni Yulan has become frailer during her two-and-a-half year prison sentence at the Xicheng District Detention Centre. She now suffers from respiratory, heart, and digestive problems. Her weight has dropped to an alarming level and she can no longer walk.

Ni Yulan now suffers from a tumor in her thyroid that is as large as an egg and keeps growing. There is concern that the tumor may be malignant. Her request for medical parole was recently refused, even though recent reports indicate the prison may not have adequate medical facilities to treat the growth there. If Ni Yulan does not receive immediate medical attention, it may be too late to treat her tumor.

Letter to the President of China