Sudan - Sharief - Summary of case - November 2013

Adam Sharief is a lawyer and the coordinator of the Darfur Bar Association in South Darfur. According to reports, he was arrested on September 26, 2013, and was held without charge. Mr. Sharief was not granted access to a lawyer.

Six days before his arrest, Mr. Sharief participated in an interview with independent radio station, Radio Dabanga. During this interview, Mr. Sharief criticized the Governor of South Darfur for the lack of security in Nyala, the capital of South Darfur. This criticism was linked to the protests that broke out in Nyala on September 18, 2013, after Ismail Ibrahim Wadi, a prominent local businessman and the president of the local football team, his son and nephew were killed. Protestors held militia employed by the local authorities responsible for the killings.

Mr. Sharief also criticized the use of live ammunition by security forces on September 19, 2013, (the date of Ismail Ibrahim Wadi’s funeral) to disperse demonstrators that gathered together around the South Darfur government offices to call for the Governor to resign. According to reports, at least five people were killed by live fire during the demonstration and at least 48 people were seriously injured and required hospital treatment.

Recent reports indicate that Mr. Sharief has been released. However, the Law Society is concerned about the arrest and harassment of Adam Sharief.



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