Georgia: Getsadze

On November 30, 2006, a former employee of a Georgian penitentiary claimed that there had been a number of money transfers made to detainees and he contacted the Public Defender's Office to report that in his view the money transfers were being used as a form of corruption.  To verify the allegations, lawyer Giorgi Getsadze visited the Penitentiary and on November 1, 2006 he interviewed several people.


Giorgi Getsadze was accused of trying to obtain information by offering money to prison staff. Members of the Public Defender's Office have said that Giorgi Getsadze asked prison staff about the possibility of transferring money to the detainees, but that this was done in order to establish if the former employee's claim was true. Giorgi Getsadze was charged for 'taking illegal actions while studying a case.'  Giorgi Getsadze faced between one and three years in prison, or a 'restriction of freedom' that would involve being placed in a corrective centre.  


In February 2007, the Law Society sent letters of intervention to Georgian authorities.


Letter of Intervention