Honduras: Diaz Garcia

Honduran lawyer Dionisio Díaz Garcia was murdered on December 4, 2006 in Tegucigalpa, Hondura's capital. He was the main labour lawyer for the association working in the Labour Rights for Vulnerable Populations program. On December 4, 2006 he was driving to the Supreme Court and was shot dead by masked men on a motorcycle. They shot him in the head and the chest at close range.


With inspectors from the Ministry of Labour, Mr. Díaz Garcia had carried out an inspection of the areas where the security guards worked and found that labour rights were regularly violated. During and after the inspection, Mr. Garcia became the subject of threats and harassment. The threats and harassment were reported to President Zelay, the Attorney General, the Attorney General's Special Human Rights Office and the National Human Rights Commission but the authorities did not take any action.


The General Bureau for Criminal Investigations did not act on his reports but did act on a report filed by Service & Seguridad Técnica de Honduras, which claimed that Mr. Díaz Garcia had stolen the disappeared vehicle.  Similarly, the Office of the Public Prosecutor ignored Mr. Díaz Garcia's report but took legal action against him based on the report of the Service & Seguridad Técnica de Honduras.  On December 4, 2006 Mr. Díaz Garcia was murdered.


In February 2007, the Law Society sent letters of intervention to Honduras authorities.


Letter of Intervention