Iran: Kamrani

Saleh Kamrani is an Iranian Azerbaijani lawyer who has been practising law since 1999. He has represented a number of Iranian Azerbaijanis who have been detained in connection with their political or cultural activities and he has defended members of other ethnic groups. He has repeatedly suffered harassment at the hands of the Iranian security forces, including phone calls threatening him with arrest. His telephone conversations, correspondence and contacts have been monitored and he has been interrogated and threatened by security officials when leaving or entering the country, has been prevented from leaving Iran on several occasions and he was detained.


It appears that on June 14, 2006, Saleh Kamrani left the office to give an interview, but was accosted by three plain-clothes men. The men handcuffed him and forced him into their car. He was taken to Evin Prison where his handcuffs were removed and he was blindfolded.


On June 18, 2006 the Ministry of Intelligence acknowledged the detention. Saleh Kamrani was held in solitary confinement and reportedly subjected to psychological torture. He spent 97 days in solitary confinement. He went on a hunger strike for seven days.


The Law Society of Upper Canada sent a letter of intervention dated February 27, 2007 to the Iranian authorities expressing its great concern about the treatment of Mr. Soltani. A number of reports have confirmed that Mr. Soltani was acquitted on May 28, 2007 of all charges that were pending against him since July 2005.


In February 2007, the Law Society sent letters of intervention to Iranian authorities.


Letter of Intervention