Iran: Zarafshan

On November 13, 2006, lawyer Nasser Zarafshan, who had been imprisoned at Evin prison since August 2002, was severely beaten by prisoners who had just been transferred to Evin prison.  Nasser Zarafshan is a lawyer, an author and a translator. He is a distinguished member of the Iranian Writers' Association, Kanoon, a member of the Committee on Serial Killings in Iran and a member of the Iranian Bar Association. He has acted as the legal representative of two of the families of Iranian writers who were assassinated in November 1998.

In December of 2000 he was charged with publishing information about the assassinations and he was imprisoned. In February of 2002, he was tried in a military court behind closed doors with his lawyer present.

In February 2007, the Law Society sent letters of intervention to Iranian authorities.


Letter of Intervention