Nepal: Basnet

In August 2007, reports indicated that Jitman Basnet received threatening phone calls between May and August 2007. On August 13, 2007, Jitman Basnet filed a complaint with the Tinkume police station, but no investigation took place, nor was Jitman Basnet provided with protection, as he had requested.


It is believed that the threats and harassment are connected to a book published in March 2007, in which Jitman Basnet recounts the time he spent in army custody.  The book, 258 Dark Days (Andhyaaraa 258 Dinharu) is an account of his own experiences, as well as accounts he heard from other detainees.  In the book, he names soldiers he claimed raped, unlawfully killed or tortured people during the conflict in Nepal. After his release, Jitman Basnet was repeatedly harassed by members of the army, and, as a result, left Kathmandu.  He then spent 17 months in India before returning to Nepal.


In October 2007, the Law Society sent letters of intervention to the authorities in Nepal.


Letter of Intervention