Sudan: Ali, Souraj, Alsemani, Dafaalla, Badawi

In May, 2006, officers from the National Security Bureau (NSB) in Nyala, Southern Darfur, summoned for questioning lawyer Mossaad Mohamed Ali, Coordinator of the Amel Centre in Nyala, and remained in detention until May 20, 2006.  He was denied access to his family and to legal counsel.  Security officers denied the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) an opportunity to meet with him.  No reason was given as to why Mr. Ali was summoned, arrested and held incommunicado. 

On July 27, 2006, Mr. Ali, and volunteer lawyers at the Amel Centre, Ms. Rasha Souraj and Ms. Ebtisam Alsemaniwere accused of sending false reports and of disclosing information of a military nature, and they were warned that their case had been given to the police and that they would likely be arrested following a police investigation.

On August 1, 2006, Mr. Ali and volunteer lawyer at the Amel Centre, Ms. Najat DafaAlla were accused of spreading false information and of being a threat to public security.  It is believed that they were being investigated for their work in defending the rights of five individuals from the Otash camp, who were detained after participating in a demonstration against the Darfur Peace Agreement, on May 30, and 31, 2006. 

In October 2006, the Law Society sent letters of intervention to Sudanese authorities.

Letter of Intervention