Human Rights Monitoring Group

The Human Rights Monitoring Group (the "Monitoring Group") is a group of benchers of the Law Society of Upper Canada appointed by Convocation to monitor human rights violations that target members of the legal profession and the judiciary as a result of the discharge of their legitimate professional duties.

The mandate of the Human Rights Monitoring Group is,

  • to review information that comes to its attention about human rights violations that target members of the profession and the judiciary, here and abroad, as a result of the discharge of their legitimate professional duties;
  • to determine if the matter is one that requires a response from the Law Society; and
  • to prepare a response for review and approval by Convocation.

The mandate further states that where Convocation's meeting schedule makes such a review and approval impractical, the Treasurer may review such responses in Convocation's place and take such steps, as he or she deems appropriate. In such instances, the Human Rights Monitoring Group shall report on the matters at the next meeting of Convocation.

Human Rights Monitoring Group members:

  • Paul Schabas (Chair)
  • Paul Copeland
  • Julian Falconer
  • Avvy Go
  • Judith Potter
  • Heather Ross
  • Beth Symes

Sources of information:
The Monitoring Group relies on information provided by external organizations dedicated to promoting the rule of law and human rights internationally.

Promoting Access to Justice

 In June 2014, the Human Rights Monitoring Group released its Facilitating International Access to Justice Through Intervention report. The report provides an overview of the Human Rights Monitoring Group's work over the years, from an access to justice perspective, by outlining the types of clients that persecuted lawyers serve. Lawyers who are persecuted by authorities are often advocates for human rights. They also represent vulnerable clients who have no other access to legal services. Judges are also included in the report. Most often presiding judges who are persecuted in the course of their duties focus on facilitating access to justice by advocating for an independent judiciary and promoting the rule of law.

Inspirational Lawyer - Jacqueline Moudeïna - Chad

Human Rights Watch gave the Alison Des Forges Award to Jacqueline Moudeïna, a Chadina lawyer and human rights activist. Ms. Moudeïna is leading the effort to bring to trial the former Chadina dictator Hissène Habré and to achieve justice for his victims. For further information, please consult the Human Rights Watch website. A video of Ms. Moudeïna`s work is also available online. You may also read Ms. Moudeïna`s acceptance speech. 


Letters of Intervention Public Statements

Algeria: Abderramane and Boumerdesi (February 2007) 

Azerbaijan: Aliyev (October 2014)

Bahrain: Al Tajer (May 2011)

Bahrain: Al Tajer (September 2012)

Belarus: Zeltser  (June 2008)

Brazil: Judges (November 2011)

China: Zhisheng (October 2006)

China: Guangcheng (October 2006)

China: Zhisheng (May 2007)

China: Violations against lawyers (October 2007)

China: Violations against lawyers (April 2008)

China: Lawyers intimidated for taking cases of victims of contaminated milk (November 2008)

China: Guo Feixiong (aka yang Maodong) (January 2009)

China: Ni Yulan (September 2013)

China: Xu Zhiyong (February 2014)

China: Zhisheng (April 2014)

China: Pu Zhiqiang (September 2014)

China: Tang Jingling (September 2014)

Colombia: Duarte (January 2011)

Colombia: Munera (June 2010)

Colombia: Torres (May 2012)

Congo: Mpolo-Nene (February 2007)

Congo: Mubalama (June 2008)

Egypt: Bastawissi and El-Baroudi (March 2008)

Egypt: El-Massry (June 2014) 

Egypt: Yara Sallam (November 2014)

Equatorial Guinea: Nsue Nguema (November 2012)

Georgia: Getsadze (February 2007)

Guatemala: Judge Aguilar (June 2014)

Haiti: St-Juste and Michel (October 2012)

Haiti: Michel (November 2013)

Honduras: Association for a More Just Society (ASJ) (January 2011)

Honduras: Cabrera (November 2012)

Honduras: Diaz Garcia (February 2007)

India: Umakanta Meitei (November 2006)

India: Mohammad, Shoaib, Jilani and Faridi (November 2008)

Indonesia: Kawer (November 2014)

Iran: Kamrani (February 2007)

Iran: Zarafshan (February 2007)

Iran: Soltani (February 2007)

Iran: Ebadi (June 2008)

Iran: Kian (November 2010)

Iran: Sotoudeh (September 2010)

 Iran: Karbasi, Kianersi, Sabaghian, Sadr and Sotoudeh (January 2011)

Iran: Lawyers (November 2011)

Iran: Kian, Soltani and Sotoudeh (April 2012)

Iran: Seifzadeh (April 2013)

Iran: Sotoudeh (October 2013)

Iran: Yadollahi (April 2014)

Iran: Esmaeilzadeh (June 2014)

Iran: Sotoudeh (December 2014)

Iran: Mohammadi (January 2015)

Kenya: Ndubi (March 2008)

Kyrgyzstan: Asanov (November 2010)

Libya: Bugaighis (August 2014)

Malaysia: Uthayakumar, Manoharan, Kenghadharan, Ganabati Rao (June 2008

Malaysia: Singh (April 2014)

Malaysia: Surendran (November 2014)

Myanmar: Nyi Niy Htwe, Saw Kyaw Kyaw Min, U Aung Thein and U Khin Maung Shein  (January 2009)

Myanmar: Disbarred Lawyers (April 2012)

Myanmar: Saw Kyaw Kyaw Min (September 2012)

 Nepal: Basnet (October 2007)

Nauru: Magistrates (February 2014)

Nigeria: Lawyers (February 2014)

Pakistan: Jahangir (July 2012)

Pakistan: Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali (July 2013)

Pakistan: Rehman (June 2014)

Peru: Soberon (June 2008)

Philippines: Dannug-Salucon (June 2014)

Russia: Magomedova (November 2010)

Russia: Magomedova (April 2012)

Russia: Magomedova (July 2013)

Russia: Moiseyev and Akimtseva (January 2015)

Saudi Arabia: Al Khair

Saudi Arabia: al-Lahem (January 2008)

Saudi Arabia: Waleed Abu al-Khair (October 2014)

Saudi Arabia: Waleed Abu al-Khair (March 2015)

Saudi Arabia: Al Rumaih, Al Sobaihi and Alnogaithan (December 2014)

Spain, Garzon (April 2012)

Sri Lanka, Bandaranayake (January 2013)

Sri Lanka, Dr. Nimalka Fernando (February 2014)

Sudan: Ali, Souraj, Alsemani, Dafaalla, Badawi (October 2006)

Sudanese lawyers (September 2012)

Sudan: Sharief (November 2013)

Sudan - Dr. Amin Mekki Medani (January 2015)

Swaziland: Maseko (April 2014)

Syria: al-Bunni (November 2006)

Syria: al-Bunni (March 2008)

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Syria: al-Maleh (February 2010)

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Syria: Khalil Ma'touq (July 2013)

Tajikistan (March 2015)

Tajikistan: Kudratov

Tunisia: Abbou (October 2006)

Thailand: Robert Amsterdam (August 2011)

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Vietnam: Dai and Nhan (August 2007)

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Vietnam: Le Quoc Quan (February 2014)

Venezuela: Wilkinson (November 2008)

 Venezuela: Afiuni (June 2010)

Venezuela: Afiuni (January 2012)

Venezuela: Afiuni (July 2013)

Zimbabwe: Mtetwa (April 2013)

Zimbabwe: Tsunga (July 2013)

Azerbaijan: Intigam Aliyev - September 2014 (September 2014)

Brazil (November 2011)

China (April 2012)

China (May 2011)

China (July 2010)

China (February 2010)

China (April 2008)

China (September 2013)

China - Xu Zhiyong (February 2014)

China - Tang Jingling (September 2014)

China - Pu Zhiqiang (September 2014)

Colombia (June 2010)

Colombia: Torres (2012)

Egypt (October 2014)

Egypt (June 2014)

Equatorial Guinea (November 2012)

Guatemala (May 2014)

Haiti: Michel (November 2013)

Honduras (November 2012)

Indonesia (October 2014)

Iran (January 2015)

Iran: Sotoudeh (November 2014)

Iran (May 2014)

Iran: Sotoudeh (October 2013)

Iran (April 2013)

Iran (April 2012)

Iran (October 2011)

Iran (January 2011)

Iran (November 2010)

Iran (October 2010)

Omar Khadr (2008)

Libya: Bugaighis (2014)

Malaysia (October, 2014)

Malaysia (2010)

Myanmar: Saw Kyaw Kyaw Min (September 2012)

Nauru: Peter Law and Geoffrey Eames (February 2014)

Nigeria (February 2014)

Pakistan (2007 - 2008)

Pakistan (July 2013)

Pakistan (June 2014)

Philippines (November 2008)

Philippines (May 2014)

Rwanda (2010)

Russia (January 2015)

Russia (April 2012)

Russia (July 2013)

Saudi Arabia: Abdulrahman Al Rumaih, Abdulrahman Al Subaihi and Bander Alnogaithan (November 2014)

Saudi Arabia: Waleed Abu al-Khair (September 2014)

Spain (April 2012)

Sri Lanka - Bandaranayake (January 2013)

Sri Lanka - Nimalka Fernando (February 2014)

Sudan (January 2015) 

Sudan (September 2012)

Sudan: Sharief (November 2013)

Syria (October 2012)

Syria (July 2013)

Syria (February 2014)

Tajikistan (February 2015)

Tunisia (November 2010)

Turkey (February 2013)

Turkey (June 2013)

Turkey (May 2014)

Uganda (February 2014)

United Arab Emirates (September 2012)

United Arab Emirates (July 2013)

 Venezuela - Judge Maria Lourdes Afiuni (January 2012)

Venezuela - Judge Maria Lourdes Afiuni (July 2013)

Vietnam - Le Quoc Quan (February 2013)

 Vietnam - Le Quoc Quan (February 2014)

Zimbabwe (June 2008)

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