Enhancements to Annual General Meeting

The Governance Issues Working Group of the Priority Planning Committee, with Convocation's approval, issued a call for input from lawyers and paralegals on some options under consideration for revitalizing the Law Society's Annual General Meeting.

By way of background, following the 2013 Annual General Meeting, the Treasurer referred issues primarily related to access to the Annual General Meeting to the Working Group for review. These and other related matters have now been considered. Convocation determined that obtaining comment on some proposed enhancements that the Working Group is suggesting would be appropriate.

See the consultation document with an explanation of proposals.

The deadline for submissions in response to the call for input was December 16, 2013.

Update: At its January 2014 meeting, Convocation considered the Priority Planning Committee's report and decided not to adopt the committee's proposal for changes to the structure and format of the Annual General Meeting.